Saturday Bits And Pieces

Saturday morning took me to Weight Watchers.  Being a Lifetime Member at Weight Watchers is an interesting thing,  Your job is to maintain your weight.  If you’re not working the program, you’ll probably gain.  The frustrating thing is that if you are working the program you can also gain.  Sad but true.  For my efforts this week I received a gain of a half pound.  I know that’s not a lot and can be caused by so many things, but it can make you crazy when you know you’ve been following the program carefully and tracking everything you eat.   Ah, well…Today is a new day and I will continue to try my best.  It’s just when you have that number in your head that you want to reach…well, you know…

I’m a sucker for advertising and a deal.  I’ve been seeing the Subway Februany ads all over the place.  Ralph and I enjoy going there sometimes and we figured since we could get a foot long sub for $5, that was a deal.

I love Subway because I can get their veggie sub made my way.

9 grain honey oat roll, pepper cheese (new!), spinach, tomato, onion, sweet peppers, black olives and southwest sauce.  Spicy and very tasty!

Thought I would share a piece of artwork from Weight Watchers.  Our receptionist Frank is a graphic artist and always makes little seasonal signs for our leader Mary Lou to celebrate how many years she’s been with Weight Watchers.  This year she has been leading meetings for 35 years.  Frank created this Valentine’s Day sign for her.

Very cute and clever.  Love the zoot suit!!

Lots of things to do today.

Happy Sunday!



4 responses to “Saturday Bits And Pieces

  1. Some times I hate the scales, I think you just have to ignore them this time round if you know you’ve been doing well, your body will catch up!

  2. Mmm – that sub looks good 🙂
    Weight loss / maintenance is a funny thing and I think you have to look at the trend over a longer period of time. Last week I ate a lot, drank a lot, and I thought that I would have gained, but I stayed the same. Other weeks I have gained when I’ve eaten really healthily.

    • Isn’t it crazy, Sarah. So many times that’s true, the weeks when you think you’ve done the best you get nothing or you gain. Weeks when your efforts have not been up to standard you stay the same or lose! Our bodies are such crazy pieces of machinery!

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