Workin’ For The Weekend!

All week long, I’ve been working for Saturday morning.  I weigh in at Weight Watchers as any of you who follow BCDC know.  It’s important to me to be on track during the week so that I’ll have a good result on Saturday.  Some weeks I feel more optimistic than others.  This is an optimistic week!

I feel I’ve made really good choices all week and the following choices are pretty common for this week.  Of course, if you follow BCDC, these meals will probably also look familiar.  I have them a lot but I eat these things because they work! 😉

Oatmeal with cinnamon and Splenda topped with some of my crock pot apples and almond milk.  I have so many uses for the apples, but this is surely one of the best!

Rice cakes topped with Peanut Butter & Co cinnamon raisin swirl.  Very filling and tasty.  Simple too.  I’m all about simple during the day.  This works for me!

Dinner started with broccoli, yellow squash, onion, garlic, red bell pepper and spinach.


All chopped up and waiting, waiting…

All steaming and good.  Some shredded cheese added along with sriracha sauce added after the photo!

Dessert again was lime Jello, crock pot apples and vanilla fat-free yogurt.  This had been such a good snack choice all week long.  It handles my sweet tooth and is filling to keep me away from other less good snack choices.  I have to make some more apples over the weekend.  They are just so good and easy!

I’m looking forward to a very positive weigh in.  Weighing in on Saturday sets me up for a good weekend of staying in control and that sets me up for a good week.  I’m on a roll (no not That kind of roll!) and I hope to stay on it.

Happy Saturday!


8 responses to “Workin’ For The Weekend!

  1. I love pb&co.’s raisin swirl, I’ll probably have it on my oatmeal this morning. A big ol’ bowl of veggies with melted cheddar for dinner sounds great. Enjoy your weekend Fran.

  2. You sound like you’re doing well. Let me know how you do at the weigh in, probably fabulous!!

  3. Hope the weigh-in went well. I also eat in a pattern…partially because I take stuff with me to work…but also because what I eat works for me and my goals!

  4. I hope the weigh-in went well. Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

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