Speed Feeding~Dessert To Dessert

Or at least, it’s speed prepping, I think!  Well, whichever it is, there are two desserts involved so how can that be bad?! 😉

I had made up a wonderful warm batch of apples in my Crock-ette.  The smell of them cooking is just amazing!  First dessert was this one.

There are apples on the bottom although you can barely see them, topped with fresh strawberries and fat-free vanilla yogurt from Aldi.  This entire bowl counts for 1 Point on Weight Watchers.  The Point comes from the yogurt.  It would have to be a 1/3 of a cup to be a real Point, but since you can’t do a fraction of a Point (not fair in my opinion) I give it a full Point.  This yogurt is so inexpensive and so delicious.  Perfect for topping things!

Lunch was something that was also pre prepped.

Some of my home-made hummus from last week on rice cakes.  Joined by some celery.  This was very filling and pretty too!  Topped with some Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning.  I really love that!

This next meal may be the quickest dinner I’ve ever made.  I really wish I had timed it.  I’ll probably make it again, so I’ll time it then…if I remember! 😉

I had found the tomatoes, okra and corn and Aldi before, but they haven’t had it since.  I went o Dollar General the other day and there it was!  The lady at the register said that they carry it all the time and it’s very popular, which means they should continue to stock it!  I was excited.  I mixed that in a saucepan with the last of my home-made garbanzo beans and a few spices. 

This was my first time trying the microwave rice in a bag from Aldi.  My friend Gail and my sister Ele use it all the time.  I’ve tasted it before but never tried to make it.

Topped with shredded cheese,his was very tasty and eventually was also topped with sriracha sauce, but I had another issue with shaking that with the lid open and after I cleaned myself up, I forgot to take another photo!  I really enjoyed this and if it took more that five minutes, I’m over estimating!! I love that kind of meal! 🙂

Now to close the dessert circle.

Lime Jello, crock pot apples and fat-free vanilla yogurt.  This again is basically a 1 Point dessert.  It really did the trick for me last night, too.  I didn’t go for any other snacks after I had this.  I’ve had issues with that lately so I’m glad I had all of the pieces ready so that I could put this together.

All of these things were put together quickly and easily because I had things available and ready.  It takes a little time to get some of the things ready in advance but it makes such a huge difference when you want something in a hurry.  That’s when it’s worth the effort.  Speed Feeding 101.  There you have it! 

Happy Thursday!!


10 responses to “Speed Feeding~Dessert To Dessert

  1. Ahh, every time I read your posts I’m reminded that I need to go to Aldi! It’s a little bit of a journey for me, but I know the prices are worth it. And crockpot apples sound amazing! I’ll make lazy baked apples by microwaving apple pieces every once in a while, but microwaves always take something out of the appealingness of food.

    • Allie, the apples are so good this way. They can be the worst apples in the world, past their prime or whatever the issue might be. Sprinkle some spices, leave them alone for about five hours and you have something tastes decadent! So worth it! A little FF vanilla yogurt and it’s the best you can have!

  2. I am a huge after dinner snacker! It’s such a problem for me. Not sure why I can not eat all day long (aside from breakfast and lunch) but then I turn into a master snacker after dinner. 🙂

    • Ameena, it has always been a problem for me to control nighttime snacking. As I get older it doesn’t happen as consistantly as it used to and I can usually fix it with a bag of popcorn, but there were times…I was in Big trouble!

  3. Aldi’s is my absolute favorite! I can get things that I would never be able to afford at the regular store and really feel like I’m having a special treat.
    Last time I was there I got a three pack of peppers – red, yellow and orange for $1.50. I cut them up and had them to sanck on all week. IU also like their baby cucumbers. Tehy are so cute and really tasty. They are a little pricy at $1.99 but you get at least 6 in a bag. It’s almost time for them to start having their corned beef. I’ve never paid over $9.00 for a huge corned beef that can feed many , many people.

    • Addi has such good things. My only issue with them is that they will have something, you get used to it, then they don’t carry it anymore. Other than that and their TERRIBLE pineapples last summer…I Love them!

  4. valerie andruss

    And let’s hear it for speed feeding!

  5. Oh Fran, whenever I see okra, I cringe! No matter how much my mom swears it’s tasty, and how incredibly funny their Spanish name is (kimbombó or quingombó) I can’t get over the thought that they might be slimy. Say it ain’t so! I’ve always wanted to give the little fellows a try. 🙂

    • Hi Mylene! I’ve never cooked okra, but I hear it can be slimy. I remember as a child eating Campbell’s chicken gumbo soup and it had okra in it. I always loved that. This canned combo that I get is very good. It doesn’t seem slimy at all. Very tasty and quick. My sister always tells me that it’s delicious although she’s never prepared it for me. 😉 I need to try it for real sometime. Great to hear from you!

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