WIAW~Pieces of Days

Possibly the most fun day of the week is Wednesday because of…What I Ate Wednesday!  That’s the wonderful party brought to us each week by our lovely Hostess Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  It’s quite a high old time, so be sure to follow the link, look around, leave some comments and over all enjoy yourself!  It’s pretty much the most fun you can have for free!

Peas and Crayons

So many times I try to save a good day of food choices, you know pretty and appetizing looking, to include for WIAW.  This week I’m showing you some random foods from throughout the week.  Tasty for sure, but not totally cohesive.  Never the less…here we go!

Natural light for a change!  It enhances the look of my oatmeal with blueberries.  Yum!

Note to self…Although the individual packages of Barney Butter are handy and of course tasty, 1 is really not enough for 2 rice cakes.  I didn’t want to spend the Points for another package so I made do.  It was enough for a quick lunch on the run.  Next time, a sandwich round instead.  The same number of points and it would have seemed like more.  Hey, I’m a work in progress!

The assembled pieces of one of my usual salads.  Bulgur and home cooked garbanzo beans add fiber, protein and help to fill me up!

The Really Big Salad and my beloved Big Purple Bowl makes its appearance.  I polish this off with great efficiency!  It actually does take a while to eat so it helps with filling me up and keeping me satisfied.

Small golden delicious apples, all washed up and ready for Crock-ette to be made into wonderful spicy goodness.

This is so good.  I usually top it with fat-free vanilla yogurt.  I’ve got some fresh strawberries to add also.  Going to be a tasty snack tonight!  Another fun fact.  I made a stop at Goodwill and scored another Crock-ette which I will be giving to my sister, Ele.  I was so excited to find it.

Ralph decided he wanted to make a trip to the Mall and suggested lunch.  My brain seized up immediately.  Eating at the Mall can be difficult and he was talking about the Food Court.  Lucky for me they have a Green Leafs there.

It’s a little pricey, but it was a pretty good choice for me on Weight Watchers.  I got the “fancy” greens, chopped egg, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and shredded cheese.  I got a fat-free tomato basil dressing and a wheat roll.  It was very tasty.  I felt better, because I was worried I’d have no decent choices. Sometimes if you just stand back and think for a minute, the good choice will present itself! 

It’s a rather ordinary collection of foods, but it is balanced.  Lots of fruit and veggies and lots of fiber.  It’s also keeping me on track with Weight Watchers which is always my focus.  It’s actually making me hungry as I look at my photos! 😉

So I’d better get out of here and feed myself…and Ralph, too of course! Please be sure to take the leap over to Peas & Crayons, look around, feast your eyes and leave some comments.  It truly is what we all live for!  Tell them I sent you!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!


18 responses to “WIAW~Pieces of Days

  1. Hi Fran,
    Your eats look delicious, I love chickpeas in a salad and your salads look so fresh and yummy. I am finally able to eat salads again now that the dreaded over extended morning (all day) sickness has passed!

  2. I always feel bad spending money on salads when I make such good ones at home but it is always fun to taste something a little different and have someone else do the cooking/assembling. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Why are salads always so expensive when it’s just a few leaves really? I enjoy eating really good salads out though and sometimes it’s worth it to make a healthy choice (although I do like indulging when I eat out sometimes as well!)

    • Hey, Sarah. I’m with you that it’s frustrating, it’s just leaves! But I really try to be on track as often as possible and sometimes my choices are based on when during the week I’m eating out. The closer to my Saturday weigh-in I get, the more careful I try to be!

  4. Your salads always look so fresh! I love adding chickpeas to mine as well.. a great addition and something I don’t do too often

  5. I’m not usually a big fan of salads but that one looks great – and the crusty roll looks perfect… As far as breakfast goes, blueberry porridge + rice cakes and nut butter always = winner in my book 🙂

  6. I love all of the salads and veggies I’m seeing here! Super healthy food! I see what you mean about one packet not being enough for 2 rice cakes though, oh no! Mine would be slathered loool.

    • Hi Anna! I do try for a little more nut butter usually, but I am trying to stay on track and I don’t want to spend too many points on the nut butters although, I could really just sit down with a spoon and a jar. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I have a big salad pretty much every night before dinner. I love buying different types of veggies and making it as “colorful” as possible.

  8. Mmmmm….that looks delish!

  9. Your eats all look so great! I do have to hope that the description of two rice cakes and a smattering of peanut butter as “lunch” was a mistake somehow… Thats a small snack if you ask me! Just worried that it would set you up to be insane hungry later in the day- i know i would be within the hour….

    • Hi Tt, it does sound like a small lunch but sometimes that works for me, both timewise and according to my available Points on Weight Watchers. That particular one, as I mentioned, ended up with far less almond butter than I’d hoped. I’m usually more generous with myslef, but that was one packet of Barney butter and my first time using them. I didn’t realize there would be so little. Thanks for worrying about me being hungry…I appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by!

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