Super Sunday Showdown With Myself

Ralph and I are not big Super Bowl party people.  For a number of years we would go to my sister Ele’s house that day, but it was mostly for the food…Isn’t it always mostly for the food anyway?! 😉

This year we had no plans.  I had a plan for something to cook for Ralph which was an experiment for me.  It turned out to be a big success.  I’m not going to give you photos or recipes (really there is no recipe) but I’ll give you a brief explanation.  I cooked country ribs in the crock pot.  My friend, Gail explained how to do this.  She used to do it for her Mom.  She even gave me the ribs during her clean out the freezer frenzy  prior to leaving for Florida. 

They started out frozen.  Her directions were, put them in the crock pot on low and cook for 8 hours.  About an hour before serving, pour bottled barbecue sauce over them.  She told me I could use my Crock-ette, but it was too small.  I ended up using my larger one.  It worked great, Ralph loved them and there are leftovers for dinner tonight!  Ok, by me!

I had planned my food day, not wanting to face a day like Saturday with getting into things I shouldn’t because I hadn’t eaten all day.

Breakfast was an egg sandwich…

Cooked up in a little skillet with olive oil spray, on a sandwich round with a slice of American cheese.  So good and so easy.  Very filling too. Since we hadn’t eaten until about 10:00am  I wasn’t hungry until it was time for dinner.

An afternoon trip to the produce market with Ele will put me in good shape for the coming week.  I got more romaine lettuce, red bell peppers (finally the same price as green) yellow squash, apples (soon to be in my Crock-ette!) and strawberries. 

In the spirit of Ralph’s dinner, I had ribs, too!

Well, actually I had a Morningstar Farms Hickory BBQ Riblet.  These are very tasty and were also part of Gail’s pre-Florida freezer purge.  Paired with a baked potato…very good!

I planned a snack too, in order to stay on track.

My homemade hummus from earlier in the week with carrots and celery.  Sprinkled a little Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning on top to add a little punch. There were of course more veggies consumed, but I wanted it to look pretty!  Kind of creepy actually! It was very tasty and I will probably be using the rest of the hummus for lunches this week.

So that was Super Bowl Sunday for me.  All around a good day, especially since the Giants won!  Sorry, Honey… 😦   

I got a lot of reading done and I’m really enjoying The Hunger Games!

Happy Monday!


10 responses to “Super Sunday Showdown With Myself

  1. We had ribs yesterday too, such a Football food. I loved the Hunger Games too, the movie comes out next month, so exciting!

  2. I had a just me Superbowl celebration–and it was still fun! Chips and bean dip, yummm. Almost as good as hummus 😉 I’ve tried those morningstar ribs before–I wasn’t a huge fan, but I haven’t tried them again in ages.

  3. Hmm…I’ve never tried the ribs…but I didn’t like the taste of “real” ones so I probably wouldn’t have much interest in fake ones!

  4. Ooo.. I’ve only read the first one! But I devoured it in a day. I’m afraid to see the movie because it was so violent. Hummus and veggies is the BEST snack!!

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