Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Trapped…

…In an episode of Chopped on Food Network!  So many times my posts are filled with photos of things that I’ve chopped or sliced, all done and photographed in inadequate space with inadequate tools.  I really do need some new knives and chopping boards.  My pictures would be so much prettier.  I keep kicking myself about a deal I passed up during the after Christmas sales.  At Macy’s they had a really nice cutting board and one of those flat-bottomed curved top chopping knives that all the TV chefs use, marked down from $50.00 on sale for $14.99.  I was being thrifty…and stupid. Anyway!  On to the chopping!

And the Crocking!

Garbanzo beans soaked in the crock pot over night and then cooked for 5 hours produced this wonderful container filled with lovely beans!

Hard boiled eggs…

Plus chopped celery…

Chopped eggies…

A little light mayo and ground black pepper made wonderful egg salad!

And a delicious light lunch.

Chopped up a juicy orange to fix my sweet tooth after lunch.

Dinner required more chopping…Onion, eggplant, broccoli.  Fresh made bulgur…the easiest grain EVER!  Home made garbanzo beans, of course.

All chopped up and nothing to do but cook into…

A bowl of deliciousness topped with sriracha sauce, my fave!

These are apples that I got at Christmas in a wonderful fruit basket from Gail and Alice.  Yes…Christmas.  They’ve been in the fridge and I didn’t really hold much hope for them when I came back from Florida but they were fine.  I’ve been eating them, but yesterday I realized they were a little worse for wear.  I decided to use Gail’s trick.

All chopped up in Crock-ette! I added some Penzeys Apple Pie Spice…because it made sense!

Topped with some fat-free vanilla yogurt…So Good!  Four apples doesn’t make all that much, but I still have enough to add to oatmeal for a few breakfasts, but it is so good this way.  The apples as prepared count for zero Points on Weight Watchers.  Even though it wasn’t enough yogurt to count as 1 point, that’s how I counted it.  It was a perfect dessert-sweet and spicy, cold and warm (the apples were still warm)  I think I may have to buy some apples with the express purpose of making this.  😉

I going to work on something new today.  Something I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time.  The garbanzo beans might give you a clue.  And I don’t even think it will require any chopping!

Happy Thursday!!



18 responses to “Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Trapped…

  1. A Crock-ette?! I had no idea there was such a thing! You just solved my crockpot envy problems – I thought I couldn’t have one because they’re too big and I am OUT of storage space.

    • Hi Laura! My crock-ette is a 1 quart which I got at a thrift store. There is a 1 1/2 quart one that might be a little more useful for you. It’s not much bigger than mine. I love my old original one that I’ve had probably 30 years. I just got a 5 quart one to make chili in. I haven’t opened that one yet. Look on line for Crock pot brand. That’s the type I’ve seen.

  2. I think I used to have the same crock pot but sadly it died one day 😦 Love the idea of the crock-ette, I might have to add that to my shopping list.

    • Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I love crock pots. I now have 3…a 1 quart, a 3 quart and now a 5 1/2 quart. Haven’t tried the big one yet but I’ve had the mid size one for about 30 years and it still works like a champ! Please stop by again!

  3. You do need a quality knife with all that chopping you’re doing 🙂 Homemade garbanzo beans are the BEST. They work in so many recipes, and they taste so much better than canned.

    • Hi Alyse and thanks for visiting! I do need a good knife. I think I need to go on a search. Love garbanzo beans and you’re right, the homemade test so much better than the canned. But the canned are great for emergencies! Stop by again!

  4. i need to make these crock pot apples!

  5. I want to make apples in the crock pot – such a great idea. I bet my house would smell amazing!!

  6. Would you believe that I’ve never thought of wrapping the toppings in lettuce and the lettuce in a wrap? But it makes so much sense!

  7. Love your posts. Next time you see something you like, buy it. Life is short. I swear I’m gaining weight just viewing all the good food on your blogs.

  8. Wow those foods all look so good. I am hungry as I read this so it’s all pretty tempting.

  9. Your foods all look delicious! I totally thought you were gonna make hummus out of those garbanzo beans…not put them on a salad LOL

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