Eye On The Prize

I have to say that I’m proud of myself.  While I was still in Florida we, meaning Gail, Alice, Margot and I had been working very hard to stay on track, doing everything we could to do well on Weight Watchers.  We measured, we wrote things down and even stayed home to cook rather than go out to eat as much as we had done in the past.

I was worried that when I got home, I’d be so glad to be home or so frustrated about trying to get things done around the house, that I would fall off of the WW wagon.  I’m happy to say that has not happened!

Thursday morning I got up and I had one thing in mind…Oatmeal.  I was so excited to have a big bowl made just the way I like it with cinnamon and frozen blueberries mixed in as it cooked.  That’s what I got, with a twist.

I forgot to put the blueberries in while cooking, so I had frozen berries on top of the oatmeal.  They warmed up right away and actually tasted really good that way!

I had the chance to go to the produce market to stock up and was able to have one of my favorite salads for lunch.

Romaine lettuce with cottage cheese and sweet pickle relish and lots of black pepper.  So good…it really is one of my favorites!  I used to take this to work all the time.  A friend of mine started to refer to it as a Fran Salad!

Dinner was another bigger salad, although not as big as usual.

The beginning…

The beatiful finished product!  Topped eventually with lite balsamic vinaigrette.

Along with it, one of my favorites.  A MorningStar Farms Garden Veggie Pattie on a sandwich round that I find at Walmart.

I toasted the round and microwaved the burger with a little shredded cheese on top.  Added Dijon mustard to spice it up.  The whole meal was very tasty.  I was proud of myself for a good food day!

While out on my errands, I had to stop at Goodwill.  I can’t just cold turkey from the thrift stores after being in Florida for 2 weeks! 😉

I found books of course.

These look Very interesting.   They’re both food related memoirs.  I love memoirs and I love food, so they should be perfect for me!

I also found this…

My first experience with A Tree Grows In Brooklyn was as an audio book a few years ago when I was commuting.  I loved the book!  The funny thing is that a friend of mine is currently reading it and I told her I’d like to find an inexpensive copy so that I could read it.  Thank you, Goodwill!  The books were 49 cents each!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited.  This is a wonderful book and I look forward to reading it again!

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on my way to my Weight Watchers meeting.  We’ll both find out if my eye stayed on the prize.  I hope I see a positive result.  I’m feeling positive.  Check back tomorrow! Or follow me on Twitter @BCDCFran.  I can never keep the info secret for very long.

Happy Saturday!


6 responses to “Eye On The Prize

  1. I’ve never read a food memoir. Let me know if there are any that you think I should read! (Still waiting for that baboon picture… Ha!)

  2. Hope Weight Watchers is good to you. We pretty much make our veggie burgers the same way. I just put a few thin slices of cheese on it though. Otherwise we’re practically veggie burger twins!

    • Hi Zo! It’s amazing how satisfying that can be. I was full with a much smaller salad with that included. Not that the salad is so bad, but it’s good to vary what I eat. I’ll think of you the next time I have a v-burger!!

  3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my favorite book of all time! Francie is such a beautiful character, and I think you’ll see a lot of yourself in her. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mylene! I did it on audio a few years ago and loved it, but I think reading it will really bring it closer to my heart. I love that you think I’ll see myself in her. Now more reason to move it up in the book pile! 😉

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