St. Petersburg Walkabout

Our plan for today was a trip to St. Petersburg.  My first trip to St. Petersburg was last summer and I loved it from the first.  It’s a wonderful town and apparently there is a lot of work being done by the city to improve things there. 

I started early with  a good breakfast.

Fiber One with frozen blueberries and milk.

We snacked on pink lady apples during the trip to St. Petersburg.

We started our visit as always with lunch.

We had lunch at Moscato’s Bella Cucina.  We’ve eaten here before and enjoyed it very much.

I had a Panini Ariana-spinach, mozzarella cheese, roast red peppers, tomatoes and black olives on foccacia bread.

So Tasty!

We hit a few thrift stores and I got quite a good deal on some books.

Books of course!  But such deals!  Sister Moon for 40 cents, The Glass Inferno-the novel that the film The Towering Inferno was based on for 50 cents and Falling Angels for 35 cents!  I couldn’t believe the deals.  I was pretty excited.

Dinner was at the Island Outpost again.  This time, I had the Greek Salad.

Now to repeat from last summer’s trip to Florida…there’s a unique thing about Greek salads in Florida.  It usually comes with a big scoop of potato salad in it.  I asked for it without the potato salad so that I got a lot more salad and fewer Points.  Main reason being that I’ll be heading to Weight Watchers this morning and I’d like to at least stay the same.  I’ll keep you posted on how I do.

I’ll leave you with one more photo from yesterday’s trip to the zoo.

Wish me luck at Weight Watchers!

Happy Saturday!!


4 responses to “St. Petersburg Walkabout

  1. i hope you did well at weight watchers! i will be making another venture back next week… ever since last semester, i’m completely out of the habit of checking in, and staying for the meeting. and my eating has been out of control, for a long time. yesterday was a good day that i was proud of. now i just have to make sure it doesn’t stop at one good day. 🙂

    i’m loving your photos from the zoo!

    • I stayed the same! So glad for that with all of the eating out we’ve done. Don’t worry about being off track. You’ve had a lot going on and you’ll be able to fall right back into it. Looking forward to seeing you next week! Take care!

  2. Good luck today at WW!

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