Sunshine and Rain

Wednesday started out sunny but fairly early in the day, the clouds started to close in on us.   I started out with a simple breakfast.

Fiber One with milk and strawberries.  Yum!

In spite of the threatening skies we decided on a quick trip to Honeymoon Island for a walk.

I love scary clouds over the beach.

The pelican didn’t care about the clouds.

Our big plan for the day was to go to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.  We started out in a drizzle, which turned into a downpour.  No matter how many times Gail and I told her brother Ray that it was raining (pouring!) and we should turn back, he wouldn’t do it.  We got there and it was of course, still pouring!  Unfortunately it was raining too hard for us to go through the outdoor exhibits.

We went into the visitor’s center and I did get a few pretty photos.


Bird of Paradise.

We’re going to give the botanical gardens another try over the weekend so I’ll hopefully have some pretty photos.

Dinner was tasty and good.

Dinner was delicious. Morningstar Garden Veggie Burgers in a wonderful roll that we got at Publix.  Some sautéed peppers and onion on top and ketchup made it perfect.  A huge salad with a really tasty dressing had a twin after this one was finished.  Great dinner.

One last photo from Honeymoon Island.

We’re off to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.  It should be interesting.

Happy Thursday!


6 responses to “Sunshine and Rain

  1. Beautiful pictures, Fran! Can’t wait to see what you find at the zoo!

  2. It’s so funny that here in Southern CA we don’t get much rain so when it does it’s like the whole city closes down and it’s the top story that it’s raining. California kind of raises a bunch of wimps huh?

  3. Love those birds of paradise…so very pretty!

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