Lazy Sunday…Or Was It?

Sunday started out as a lazy day and slowed down from there.  We slept in a bit and didn’t really get up and out until about 11am.  But after we were up, it seemed that we kept going.

Since Gail and the gang are here until April, they wanted to join a local gym.  They thought that I could probably join for a pretty low price for the short time I’m here.  We went to the gym, but the person who can give them the really good deal won’t be in until Monday.  We’ll be going back, but the man we talked with said I won’t have to pay anything once everyone else buys their memberships.  Does that count as a thrift store deal?!  It’s pretty good, regardless!

In thrifting news, we only got to go to one yesterday, but I was happy with my find.

I was so excited to find this book!  One of the things I’ve enjoyed writing is memoir and personal essay pieces.  I’m familiar with Sheila Bender and I’m glad to have this.  $1.99 but I think it will be well worth it!

For dinner, it was sort of a rerun.  We went to the Island Outpost again, but thankfully, it was not as cold this time.

I had the same thing to eat, too…vegetable fajitas. 

Very filling, but it wasn’t as good as the last time we were there.  We’re hoping to do more cooking at home while we’re here.  It’s certainly less expensive and will help us to stay on track with Weight Watchers.

One of the reason we do like the Island Outpost is that they have music.  Last night it was a man named Eddie who played the steel drum.  He was very entertaining. 

He was very talented!

Gail’s brother, Ray who is a musician  has always been fascinated by steel drums.  He spent a little time talking to Eddie getting some info about the steel drum and how you play it.

The steel drum has such a unique sound, especially close up!

We came home and I jumped right into watching the Golden Globe Awards.  I’m not sure if I enjoyed the show…It’s usually so much fun, but I guess I just wasn’t feeling it.  I realized that The Good Wife had just come on and switched to that.  Love that Show!

Not sure what the day will hold for us…I guess I’ll see soon!

Happy Monday!


10 responses to “Lazy Sunday…Or Was It?

  1. Score on the gym, that should make working out easier. I always DVR awards programs and it literally takes me about 30 min to speed through them while I am on my stairmaster. All I really want to see is what everyone is wearing anyway.

  2. We watched the Golden Globes all the way through as we had a game set up to see who picked the most winners for the film categories (mr sc’s daughter and I tied with 5 each). I thought that Ricky Gervais was a) not on very much and b) toned down from last year.

  3. Award shows hold zero interest for me! I think I was especially irritated yesterday because they hold the show at the Beverly Hilton, which is less than 1/2 a mile from my house. And of course the traffic was a nightmare with all the closed streets! I made it a point NOT to watch it after that. 🙂

    The fajitas look great! Can’t go wrong with those anywhere!

  4. Lazy SUndays are the best!
    That was a great deal at the gym 🙂

  5. great post and pictures

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