Let The Thrifting Begin

On Saturday morning our first stop was Weight Watchers.  I like going to the meetings here in Clearwater.  They’re always lively and fun.

 After a road trip and trying to get settled in, I wasn’t sure what my result would be on the scale.  I was expecting a gain and was pleased to find that it was only 3/4 of a pound.  That started my day off right.  We’re committed now to being on track.  Interesting that it seems to be easier doing the program with someone else.  We’ll see what the results are.

Breakfast of course followed WW.  I thought oatmeal and a scrambled egg would be good.

There was more to my egg but I was hungry and started eating before my picture!

Thrifting was the big item on our agenda.  I started out soon after getting home with Margot to go to some local yard sales she had heard about.  Our first stop was at a church rummage sale.  I found these…

Two novels for me and a book for Ralph. Obviously, The Worst-Case Scenario-A Survival Handbook is for him!  I think he’ll enjoy that!

I was excited to find Dance For The Dead by Thomas Perry.  I just finished Runner and this is the only book in the series that I have not read.  John Irving is one of my favorite authors and this is his memoir.  Should be interesting.

All of the seasonal items at the Sheriff’s Ranch thrift store were 50% off.  I got this wonderful little wall hanging for 50 cents!

I think this little piece is supposed to be for jam, but I’m going to use it for salt and pepper next to the stove for cooking.  I had seen one at Goodwill back in NJ and later I was annoyed that I didn’t take it.  This was also 50% off so I got it for $2.50.  I was excited.

In our efforts to stay on track, Gail cooked a wonderful dinner.  I had put my camera on the table as I was setting the table, to be sure I’d take pictures.  While I was waiting for everybody to get here, I took it off of the table, then promptly FORGOT to take photos.  I’m going to try to be better. 

Instead I’ll leave you with another photo from Honeymoon Island.

I’m not sure what is on our agenda today.  That’s the fun thing about being here.  We never know what will happen.

Happy Sunday!


4 responses to “Let The Thrifting Begin

  1. Used books are just too tempting. I have another library book sale coming up in my town and know I won’t be able to pass up the opportunities it will provide! Glad you found good things to read!

  2. I love The Virgin Blue, Tracy Chevalier is such a great author; I’ve got all her books but think that one’s the best, hope you enjoy it!
    The island looks beautiful hope you’re having a great time 🙂

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