Settling In

We’re starting to feel like we’re coming back to life after our long ride.  I’m only here for 2 weeks, but Gail, Alice and Margot are here until April.  My settling in will be over soon but they’ll be here so we’re trying to ease in.

Gail and I started out with a tasty breakfast.

A combo of Fiber One, bran flakes and frozen blueberries.  The blueberries always turn the milk blue!

Also a delicious orange.

We made another trip to Honeymoon Island, this time with the purpose of some exercise.  We thought a walk on the beach would be a good idea.  When we first got there we were afraid it might be too cold, but once we got to the beach itself it was very nice.

Pretty Dunes.

Some new friends.

Casting a Long Shadow.

Our afternoon took us to another thrift store.  I picked up a few treasures but I’ll save them until I have a few more to show.

Dinner took us to The Galley.  I was hungry but had no idea what I wanted.  Gail suggested something she had tried before.  A vegetarian grinder. 

It was very tasty.  It came with chips but I didn’t eat them.  It certainly was filling!

I probably shouldn’t have eaten something like that as I face Weight Watchers this morning.  I’ll just have to face the music when I get there.

I’ll share one more photo from Honeymoon Island.

I love taking photos of the dunes!

Happy Saturday!


6 responses to “Settling In

  1. My husband always uses frozen blueberries in his oatmeal and it always turns into a big blue mess. Although a very tasty one! That is one big sandwich!

  2. I finished my Tropical Tootsie pops, I love the pineapple ones. If you happen to come across them in your travels pick some more up for me, pretty please! I love the dune pic with the swing.

  3. Weighting For 50

    Hi Fran. I LOVE the beach pictures. They make me REALLY long for our spring and summer here in Vancouver. Glad you are settling in. Enjoy your time in Florida.

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