Back In Focus

Monday was a day that required a lot of thought.  I had a lot of things to accomplish and I had to be on track.  I mentioned yesterday how blurry Sunday had been.  I resolved that would not be the case on Monday.

I even took pictures to help me remember where I’d been.

I started the morning off with a trip to the bank.  Had to deposit some money before going away.  I love that there is a little TV screen that allows you to see the teller you’re speaking with.  More personal than just a disembodied voice.  I didn’t want to scare her by taking her picture, though.

Then a stop at Aldi to pick up a few things.  We’re packing our lunches for the road trip so I had to come up with something that would work and stay fresh in my insulated bag.  I think I accomplished that.

After coming home I ran into a glitch.  We recently sold a car we no longer used.  I had to call the insurance company to have it removed from the policy.  Well, they tell me that in order to remove it from the policy, they needed me to fax them a copy of the receipt showing that the license plates were returned to the DMV.  Fun!  I ended up getting stuck in a line behind a lady that was changing everything but her outfit! 

After going to the office supply place to send the fax, Ralph and I decided we were hungry.   We decided to stop at Picasso’s.  It’s close and it’s always good. 

I got my favorite…pepper and egg sandwich with provolone cheese.  It is so delicious and filling.  I will be happy and satisfied for hours after.

I wanted to leave you with another moon photo.  This one was actually from Sunday night, but I forgot to use it.

So pretty.

I’m actually writing this Monday evening so I’ll be on the road by the time you are all reading this.  I still have some things to accomplish for tomorrow’s early departure, so I’d better get to it.

Happy Tuesday!



6 responses to “Back In Focus

  1. Hope the journey’s going well! And YUM, that sandwich looks good! DMV doesn’t sound like so much fun–I have to register a car AND get a new license at some point this week, I have a feeling I’ll be standing in a lot of lines…

  2. Lost 2lb today- finally 10 lb total!!!

  3. Safe travels, friend! I smiled at the “changing everything but her outfit”. Funny.

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