After getting home from Weight Watchers on Saturday, I had to quickly switch gears.  I had to get dressed to go to a viewing and a baby shower for our niece, Marie.  I figured something out that was comfortable and appropriate, but I had to wear those offending black pants again!  They weren’t such a shock to put on this time, so I was less offended! 😉

Fortunately, we were able to make a quick appearance at the viewing and then Ralph dropped me off at the restaurant where the shower was to be held.  You’ve heard me talk about the Adelphia before. I wasn’t sure who would be there that I knew.  I knew that Ralph’s 2 sisters would not be there, but that his other sister, Terry (grandmother to be) would. 

I got there and was pleased to find out that 2 of Ralph’s other nieces were there and we sat with Mom Mom Terry and the guest of honor.

Special chair for the guest of honor…the banner says “Mommy To Be!”

Surprise!!  The guest of honor arriving, holding my little sweetheart, Jesse who turned 2 in November.

Marie looks so happy!  We Love Her!

Jesse is Always a moving target, even when he’s sitting right next to me!  With MomMom Terry.

Lunch started with soup, but it had chicken meatballs in it so I passed on it.  The salad was much tastier than this photo shows. 

I had never had ravioli at Adelphia and this was pretty good.  Love the flower on the plate.

Dessert was vanilla ice cream…tasted good since I hadn’t had any for a while.

And a piece of this cake, with was so adorable!  Tasted really good too!  If you can’t tell, there’s a tiny baby all wrapped in a blanket on top.  Too Cute!

Although it was hectic,  the day ended on a happy note.  When Ralph came back to pick me up, he got to say Hi to everyone. 

Another busy day ahead today.  Only 2 days before I leave for Florida.  I need to get some things done around the house.  I hate leaving Ralph, but he said he’s looking forward to some time doing some projects around the house.  He always knows how to stay busy!

Happy Sunday!



4 responses to “Surprise!

  1. What a beautiful cake! And it sounds like a beautiful shower.

    Florida! How fantastic. I haven’t been in years but I always remember how pretty it is there! Have a fantastic time Fran!

  2. What a lovely shower! Congratulations to your niece. Happy way to start the new year!

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