Staying The Same

I think we all hope that we will grow and change as we go through our lives.  Sometimes it’s good to stay the same.  That was the good news I received when I weighed in at Weight Watchers this morning.  I had been through a very disjointed week, as so many have been lately, and I was not sure what my result would be on the scale.  I stayed the same and I was thrilled!

At WW today, we talked about what things we can do to keep ourselves continuing on this journey.  For me the meetings are first and foremost.  I get questioned on a regular basis as to why I still go to the weekly meeting in spite of the fact that I am below goal.  I do it so that I stay there.  I have worked long and hard to accomplish this and I want to stay here.  Weight Watchers has been such a gift to me.  It has helped me to see life in a certain way and to believe in myself.  That is the basis for the promotions for the new program.  Believe.  I love the commercial showing Jennifer Hudson before and after.  I truly think she is one of the best spokespersons Weight Watchers has ever had.  She’s done a great job.

I tried to do a great job this week.  I’m hoping that I can do a great job while I’m in Florida.  I’ll be with Gail and Alice and they are both on WW as well, so that should help.  We need to support and encourage each other.  But in the end we each have to do what works for us as individuals when it comes to the Program.

I’m working hard to finish up all of the fruits and veggies I have around the house.  Last night I really dug in.

Look familiar?  Well…Yes!

Garlic, olive oil, eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash.  Added some ground black pepper, dried basil and parsley.

After I started cooking, I realized I didn’t have any beans, but I had some cottage cheese I needed to finish up.  It got added in and it makes these dishes all cheesy and good.

Topped with some shredded cheese and almost the last of my sriracha sauce. 😦  I’ll have to get a new bottle when I get back from Florida.  I can’t believe that I’ve almost finished it!!  This was delicious and filling.

I’ve got a busy day ahead.  Two functions to attend today so I better get myself together.  I’ll leave you with 2 photos from yesterday’s amazing sunrise. 

If I hadn’t taken them myself, I’m not sure I would believe that they’re real.

Happy Saturday!



12 responses to “Staying The Same

  1. sorry i missed you at the meeting this morning. i needed to get my head straight… AND extra sleep was pretty great after this week.

    i’ve officially added EVERYTHING from your dinner to my grocery list for this week. i cannot wait to try all those sauteed veggies and cottage cheese. 🙂 thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Regarding all the stuff you have from the produce stand – I know we always want to eat it fresh – but if it’s a choice between tossing it and freezing it – I say freeze it! Some fresh produce freezes well uncooked and others need to be cooked and then frozen. But it works fine for me!

    • Hi Ginny! The only fresh thing I’ve ever tried to freeze is blueberries. Most of it I can give to Ele but I think I will try that. Should have thought of that in the summer when everything was cheaper!! 😦

  3. I’ve always been a bit unsure about weight watchers but it clearly works for so many people – I think you show that you can do it eating lots of whole foods rather than their pre packed ready meals!

    • Thanks, Laura! To me, that’s always been the biggest selling point to Weight Watchers. I can make the meals I want with the foods I want. I just have to stay within the limits of how much. It works well for me!

  4. I understand why you’d continue with ww. I think a lot of people don’t consider that once the weight comes off, there’s the maintenance phase…and that’s tough! I lost weight more than twenty years ago, so I’ve been maintaining for a while (with a few fluctuations)!

    • Thanks, Zo. The point with Weight Watchers has always been not just to get the weight off but to keep it off. In recent years, they’ve made it easier for Lifetime members to maintain. We can now weigh in each week and not pay as long as we’re no more than 2 pounds over out goal. Used to be you could only weigh in once a month. I can do a LOT of damage in a month. This works so well for me.

  5. That cloud picture is stunning! The dinner looks great as well 🙂
    Congratulations on the WW success; I’m sure still going is a great thing to do, for exactly the reasons you said and I love your attitude to it… have a great time in Florida!

  6. That DOES look delicious and filling! 🙂 The picture of the sky looks so beautiful!

    Hope you having a great weekend so far and that you enjoy your Sunday!

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