The Last And The First

New Year’s Eve started like a usual Saturday with our weekly trip to Weight Watchers.  I was not sure what the result would be on the scale.  I was pretty sure I would have a gain, I was hoping it wasn’t too much.  I was relieved when I had only gained 1.4 pounds.  Not too bad considering the fact that Mr. Cheesecake had been visiting all week.  Funny how I never took his picture…;-) Anyway, he’s gone now and can’t hurt me anymore.  But I know I have to get on track and I have already started.

We had our usual after WW breakfast…

Two scrambled with cottage cheese.  I really like the addition of the cottage cheese as a side.  It’s tasty and filling but doesn’t use up a lot of Points.  I get some more protein, too.

No big festive plans for us.  Ralph and I went to my sister Ele’s house for dinner.  We didn’t need a big fancy party, we had fun just the three of us.

The table set, with the Christmas tree still up…so Prettty!

Three cheers for the Three Of Us!

Ele’s delicious pasta fagioli.  It actually comes from a Weight Watchers recipe and it is wonderful!  I didn’t photograph the banana bread I had…so yummy.  No more…

Tried a self photo again…This should be on my list of goals!!  Different camera, makes it even harder!

Ele and Me with Mom watching over us…as always…

Ele and Ralph…I Love this one!

Ralph and Me.  Pretty good for Ele’s first try at my camera!

Ralph and I were home by 9pm fell, asleep and woke up just in time to see Lady GaGa send the ball down in Times Square to ring in the New Year.

New Year’s Day is Ralph’s brother Bob’s birthday.  We were meeting the family for lunch.  With an eye toward staying on track, I ordered a Greek Salad.

Great choice!  Dressing on the side and it was very light.  Loved it!

Festive Cake…Happy Birthday, Bob!

My mercifully tiny portion…

The family.  Ralph’s sister Maddie and her husband George were sorely missed.  That’s the Birthday Boy in the plaid shirt!  We don’t get to see Bob very often and this was great!

After lunch we stopped back at Gail’s house for a little while.  We did something I haven’t done in years… We watched the Mummer’s Parade.  Gail’s brother Ray was in one of the String Bands for many years so he was giving us insider info as we watched.

Oh, Dem Golden Slippers…only we all commented that they don’t play that anymore…:-(

The Captains always have the Best Costumes.

One final shot from the TV… a great view of the Philadelphia Skyline…

Welcome 2012!!  Lots of Work To Do!!

Happy Monday!


20 responses to “The Last And The First

  1. valerie andruss

    Love that photo of you, Ele & your mom! And I really miss the Mummer’s Parade. It’s not televised in the midwest. Why, I don’t know – it’s the best parade in the country…

  2. Looks like a great way to ring in the New Year! I know how tough it is to stay on track during this time of year but it seems like you conquered it!

  3. happy new year!!! the photo of the three of you came out great, fran. good job with the self-portrait. :p

  4. Happy 2012 to you too! I hope you have a great and very blessed new year! 🙂 I like cottage cheese but dont buy it too often because the ones here where I live are SO salty and tastes pretty weird..
    Love that birthda cake! 🙂

  5. Happy New Year Fran! I think you’re self portraits are great. I actually like the ‘grab a camera on a whim’ type of look, not centered just in the moment fun.

    Had a sliver of ‘Mr. Cheesecake last night myself. Lucky for me I am not a huge cheesecake fan, but it was sweet and good.

    I must say there are always a lot of birthday cakes on this blog. It makes me feel like I need more friends, or need to celebrate more. Or both!! I love the pic of you, your sis and your mom, super sweet.

  6. I love the group self-photo, haha, mine always end up like that too. There’s got to be an easier way for a group to get in one picture! Minus, you know, the hassle of a self timer and an appropriate place to set a camera.

  7. The photo with you and Ele and your mother is lovely.
    I’ve definitely consed a lot more sugar in the last two weeks than I probably will for the next two months (I hope anyway). I’m sure you’ll move forward without any problem!

  8. You’re so photogenic; love the one of you, Ele and your mum especially and you honestly don’t look like you need to lose any weight at all 🙂
    Happy New Year and hope it’s a great one!

  9. You look so pretty in photos Fran, I love that one with Ele and your mom 🙂 As much as I adore the holidays (I really do!) I am okay with them being over because I am a bit tired of the constant focus on food, and sugary/fatty ones at that. I know I should challenge myself and such, but I just want to go back to more normal days where the focus is not always there

    • I’m so with you, Tessa. I like MY focus on my food rather than everyone else focusing on what I should or shouldn’t have and sometimes sabbotaging mye (my sweet Ralph.) You’re doing so well. Stick with it, sweetie!

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