Three Meals A Day?

It’s funny, but I can’t remember when I actually ate three meals in one day.  Life has either been hectic or I’ve been in a slump or something has happened.  Well, Wednesday, I did it!  I should probably save this for next week’s What I Ate Wednesday, but what the heck…Here goes!

The last few times I’ve made oatmeal, it has been extremely good.  I don’t know why, perhaps I’ve just figured the right combo.  Yesterday’s was equally delicious.

1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup water, cinnamon and a handful of frozen blueberries. Microwaved on high for 2 minutes.  Perfect! You need a deep bowl though or it could be a science experiment! Add three Splenda and a half cup of almond milk, and it couldn’t be better.  Think I’ll have it again today!

Gail and Alice and I were out running errands.  I got one treasure.  At Thanksgiving, I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t find my jello mold to make my traditional cranberry orange mold.  Well…

I found one at Goodwill!  It was labeled $2.99 but it was a green tag and green was 50% off so I got it for $1.50!!  I was so excited.  I might even make a cranberry orange mold this weekend…just because I can!

We didn’t know what we wanted to eat at first but then decided on the Golden Corral.  Gail and I like it because they have a wonderful salad bar for the two veggies and Alice can get anything she likes.  I had a big salad plate…

Romaine, spinach, cottage cheese, tomatoes, black and green olives, a little cheese, sunflower seeds and a very tasty fat-free Italian dressing  I really enjoyed it.  Followed by…

Honeydew, pears and grapes.  The melon was surprisingly tasty for this time of year and with the price of grapes lately…I filled up!  I might have gone back for either more salad or fruit, but I was satisfied and decided I would stay on track.

Dinner was one of my big ole salads.  Romaine, tomato, bell pepper, homemade black beans shredded cheese and homemade dressing.  I’m really enjoying the homemade dressing.  I did realize I was using too much oil…misjudged the Points value.  I’ve adjusted it to 3 tsps of olive oil, 2 tsp of balsamic vinegar and 2 tsp of honey. I had a little garlic powder, a little sriracha sauce and the about 2 Tbsp of water to spread it out a bit.  Exactly the right amount for my Big Purple Bowl and it’s delicious!

A very sad thing has happened.  At least 15 years ago, maybe longer, Ralph bought me an L. L. Bean barn coat.

It’s wonderful…it’s warm, it has a removable lining, it’s washable…I’ve worn it and worn it…I love it…It had an accident.  Well, I think it just got used…I was pulling my sleeve down over my sweater and…

After all of the wear, I think it just gave out.  I’m so sad…:-(  I love this coat, it’s the perfect weight for most of the weather we get here.  I don’t know if it can be repaired.  I’ve heard that Bean has a guarantee on their products, but I don’t know if it covers this many years, especially since I don’t know when I bought it.  I’m going to e-mail them to see if anything can be done.  This coat is like an old friend.  I’ve worn it that way the last couple of days but I’ve felt like sort of a ragamuffin.  We’ll see what happens.

Lots to do today.  I need to start getting ready for my trip to Florida.  It’s hard to think about packing Capri pants and tee shirts when it’s 27 degrees outside!!  Well it could be worse.  I could be Wearing Capri pants and tee shirts, packing to go to 27 degree weather!  I’m looking forward to it.  I wish Ralph was coming with us.

Happy Thursday!!



22 responses to “Three Meals A Day?

  1. Too bad about your coat, it’s so nice!

  2. Yum, I love big salads and fruit plates! Sorry about the ripped coat 😦 it’s gotta happen eventually I guess. At least you got good use out of it!!

  3. I love those LLBean coats! I have like the exact same one (unfortunate holes and all). I hope you can get yours replaced!

  4. My breakfast today was oatmeal + blueberries + cinnamon as well 😀 And it hit the spot. Must be a good time of year for simple hot breakfasts!

    • Hey, Allie! It is so tasty. Everyone gets all fancy with their oatmeal. I like it plain. When I started eating oatbran, I tried putting in other things. I like it best with just Splenda and almond milk. Not even cinnamon…Weird.

      • I used to do the same thing with cream of wheat–except no sweetener even, just almond milk. I’d get weird looks from the family, but it always tasted best that way. I’d do it with oatmeal, but I’m more than a little addicted to cinnamon now 😀

      • Allie, I’m the same way with cream of wheat. Plain is best…a little sweetener and some almond milk…now I want some! 😉

  5. I’m going to have to try your oatmeal creation.. I’m always looking for the perfect balance of oatmeal. When I seem to make it, I never fully enjoy it :\ Sorry to hear about the jacket!!

  6. I’ve made some oatmeal lately using trader joe spiced apple cider in place of some of the water. It tastes really good.
    I’ve always heard great things about ll bean’s handling of returns, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were “good” about your coat!

  7. LLBean has the best clothes and they last. Have a great time in Florida, I’ll be thinking of you as the weather gets colder and colder. Happy New Year

  8. i definitely get my money’s worth from salad bars! 🙂 i look small and unassuming but when i leave it’s like they didn’t know what hit them! 🙂
    also, everytime i make oats in the microwave, it’s more like a cleaning experiment than a science experiment!

    • Hi there! I love salad bars. If it’s a good one, I can make the salad just the way I like it. I love Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. The trick with the oatmeal is you need a deep bowl and You have to play with your microwave. I used to make it 1 min/1 min/1 min. But then I figured out that exactly 2 was right. It never overflows anymore.

  9. I love it when oatmeal is especially good and you are not even sure why. 🙂

  10. J-ello molds are definitely hidden treasures!!!!!!!

    And my oatmeal mixtures turn into science experiments — OFTEN!

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