Christmas Eve~~Eve…

Well, that’s what it is today, isn’t it?!?  I’m feeling so much better regarding Christmas and getting everything ready and finished on time.  I think we can pull this whole Christmas thing off! 🙂

I am a bit frustrated with the fact that I can’t do my post today exactly as I’d planned.  The old scanner/printer issue is stumping even Alice who is the Queen of All Computers.  So I had to photograph the photographs I wanted to use today.  Work with me, Cookies, it will all turn out.

First, I must say that food was an afterthought on Thursday and I even forgot to photograph my dinner salad, but I did get very arts-y and crafts-y to show off my lunch…

Sunflower butter on rice cakes…I like the cool Twilight Zone effect that I got from the gift bag that I used as background!  My palms are starting to sweat.  The Trader Joe’s sunflower butter jar is “almost” empty.  That will be great for overnight oats next week, but that means I’m OUT of sunflower butter!!  I’m going to have to see if I can convince Gail and Alice to take a pilgrimage with me to TJ’s next week.  I’ll feel better then.

I wanted to share some old family photos with you.  Scanned would have been better, but…Here Goes…

This is sister, Ele and Me on our first Christmas card…really…the first.  Signed in my Mom’s handwriting it says “The Benson’s “50” ” which means I was about 2 1/2 months old and Ele about 2 1/2 years.

Here’s a bit of a closeup.  This was actually taken in the living room of the house where I live now.  This is where we lived when I was born.  Love the Wallpaper!  You should have seen some of the wallpaper in my grandparents house…Grandmom loved to do the wallpapering herself.  Kind of cool.

This is Me on the left with the slightly goofy look and Ele on the right looking as if she was posed…thinking deeply about what she wants to ask Santa to bring her.  I love this one because of that look.  It’s not dated, but I’d say I was about 3 years and she was about 5 years.  It may have been taken at Macy’s in NYC.  Our parents took us to New York a number of times to see all of the automated window displays.  It is a wonderful memory that Ele and I share.

The final photo is a little more recent, although I can’t exactly tell you when, I’d guess somewhere mid to late 1990’s…

Me with Santa Ralph!!  For a number of years, Ralph’s family would have a big Christmas party.  It was usually at a hotel or catering hall.  Santa was usually there and Ralph’s sister Kathy always dressed as Mrs. Santa.  On this particular year, the usual Santa was unavailable and Ralph got talked into being Santa.  Of course, I couldn’t resist getting my picture taken on “Santa’s” lap! 😉  Wonder what ever happened to that dress?  I really liked it. Do you Love the eyeglasses that are Bigger Than My Head?!?!  I like to think I’ve improved with age!

That will be it for today.  Ralph is fortunately on-track with getting all of his artwork finished.  He finishes, I wrap…it works well that way.  I have a few things to get together other than the art wrapping and I’m Finished!!  Never thought I’d be able to say that!.

Saturday will be Weight Watchers first thing in the morning…then it will be a food free for all the rest of the day.  Boy, do I have my work cut out for me to “try” to stay on track!!

Happy Friday!  Happy Christmas Eve~~EVE!!


13 responses to “Christmas Eve~~Eve…

  1. Were you not the most beautiful baby in the world?!?!?!? I love that picture! I have a vauge recollection of Mom taking me into the bedroom to show me what ” I ” had bought you for Christmas. How cute was that? We truly did have a wonderful childhood.

  2. What cute photos! I love going through Christmas photos of me and my sister as a child… so many things have changed, but Christmas always seems to be such a nice time in our house.

  3. Oh those pictures are so cute! Your sister does look like she is in deep thought. Telling Santa what you want is important business!

    Merry Christmas. Hope you find a new jar of Sunflower Butter in your stocking.

  4. I love how you powered through the adversity of getting your pictures scanned and still managed to do a great post. Nice job!

  5. Lovely pictures!
    I’ve never tried sun butter on rice cakes, or peanut butter for that matter. Should give it a go sometime

    Happy Holidays! ❤

  6. Happy Christmas Eve eve Fran! Thanks for sharing your photos!

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