The Good News Is…

The lights on the Christmas tree are still working!!  I’m back to feeling like a slug about all of Christmas again.  I will work on getting that turned around. 

I started the day by making pancakes for Ralph!  He was thrilled.

Nothing fancy and the first batch looked a little sickly pale, but I got the hang of it. I haven’t made them in a long time.  Next time they’ll be prettier, I promise! 😉

I ran out for a few errands with Gail and Alice, then came home to finish my project for the day…

Finishing up the Christmas cards.  I spent the afternoon in the bedroom watching shows On Demand while Ralph watched football and worked on art projects.  I’m so excited that we have On Demand now.  Since I tend to fall asleep waiting to watch the shows I want to see and end up just watching things I’ve seen before waiting for them to come on, this is perfect.  I can watch things when I want to!  One episode of Body of Proof and two Blue Bloods.  Excellent!

Late in the day, Ralph realized that we hadn’t eaten since pancakes in the AM.  He said he knew what to get for me…

My favorite pepper and egg sandwich with sharp provolone from Picasso’s.  Especially hungry equals especially tasty.  Filled me for the night!

I wanted to share a beautiful sight I was able to capture Sunday morning.  The moon on its way to setting…

I’m not usually able to capture it with my camera, but this was the morning of the miracle of the Christmas lights, so I guess it fits in.

SO much to do today.  I’ve got to get on track with this whole Christmas thing.  Yikes!  Wish me luck, Gang!!

Happy Monday before Christmas!!!



12 responses to “The Good News Is…

  1. I agree that on demand and the DVR make watching TV so great. You never have to be home at a certain time to catch your show. For me I always catch up on my favorites while working out on my stairmaster. In fact I am about to hop on and watch the Survivor finale. So excited!

  2. That is a lot of cards.

  3. Pale or not, those pancakes look good! I love days that start with pancakes–you just know they’re going to be good. And WOW, way to go with all those Christmas cards!

  4. And I wish you luck! Beautiful photo, BTW

  5. I don’t have On Demand, but I do love watching TV shows online. I like being able to watch when I want, pause when I want, rewatch the bits that I especially love.

  6. Luck! I keep thinking I’ve done so much, but then realize I still have quite a bit to do!

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