The Maine Event

Early Saturday morning, I bid Ralph farewell and headed off to Boothbay Harbor, Maine with Gail, Alice and Margot.  We flew out on a US Airways commuter flight and honestly, it was a very nice flight.  I’m not a fan of small airplanes, but this was really nice.  We were flying into Manchester, New Hampshire. 

When we got to the airport, we were greeted by this handsome fellow…

I mostly took this picture for my sister, Ele, but I thought everyone could enjoy him.

Driving north along the Old Shore Road, I think this was in York.

We ended up on the Maine Turnpike and we stopped at a rest stop where there was a Starbucks.

Coffee and  cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese.  The bagel was only ok because they can’t toast the or warm them up.  The coffee was terrible.  It was very disappointing.

The reason we came to Maine.  Gail is buying this cabin, we’re here for settlement.  It was nearly dark when we got there and we couldn’t get inside.  I’ll have better photos on Monday.  We’re all very excited.

We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant near to our hotel in Brunswick.  I’m not even going to mention the name of it.  They got our order wrong 3 times and the food was not good.  It’s hard to explain how something can be flavorless and too salty at the same time, but this food managed to do it.  It’s not a place we’re likely to go again.

I did get this beautiful shot of the sun setting on Boothbay Harbor.  It was worth the bad dinner just to see this. 

We’ll be off to do some sightseeing on Sunday.  Not sure what our itinerary will be yet.  I’m sure it will be something interesting.  Hopefully…the food will be better!!

Happy Sunday!


12 responses to “The Maine Event

  1. Wow! Thanks for the moose! I went all the way to Canada and didn’t see one…even the one at the Toronto Zoo was hiding! Sorry you had such lousy food choices. Maybe today will be a better day. See if they have a Tim Horton’s. They have a few in MA. Sadly, they usually don’t have the tea biscuits in the USA stores. Miss you! Huggies!

  2. That looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to stay in a cabin 🙂 Shame about the starbucks!

  3. I’m jealous. I’d like to go to Maine at some point. The place I’d really want to go is Seattle, with Vancouver and Maine being in second and third place, respectively.

  4. We’ve been the Maine and it sure is beautiful! If it didn’t get sooooo cold, I’d like it even more — the cabin looks really cute and I hope that the rest of your trip is better than the Starbuck’s (don’t like their coffee anyway) and the Mexican place — enjoy!!

  5. Wow, a cabin in Maine. I know you’ll be enjoying the view and people. Post more pictures when you get them

  6. That’s got to be the loveliest sunset picture yet! I love the cabin too – and I thought just for a second that was a real moose… 🙂

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