First Christmas Party of the Season!

They sneak up on you and suddenly are all around.  We had our first Christmas party to attend on Wednesday afternoon.  Not actually a party, a lunch with Ralph’s sisters and their husbands and his cousin.  We’ve gotten into the habit of doing it and it’s a lot of fun.  Wednesday was a nasty day for it though.

It started pouring rain during the middle of the night and really didn’t slow down much all day long.  Luckily for us, we don’t have far to go.  In fact we travel the least distance to get to our usual meeting place, Adelphia Restaurant.  I’m not sure why this has been the chosen spot, but yesterday I was glad.  It was such a cold wet day with the wind blowing the rain on an angle. 

The restaurant was beautifully decorated for Christmas, but I forgot to take any pictures.  I was so wet when I got there, I just wanted to dry out and warm up.

It was great to see everyone.

Ralph’s sister Kathy and brother-in-law, John.  John is the man who did all of the wood carving that’s under our Christmas tree!

John and Kathy’s daughter Janine and granddaughter, Tori.

George and  sister Maddie

Cousin Kathie

I tried to take a photo of Ralph and Me…will I never learn?? 😦

John did a much better job!  Thanks, John!

My HUGE Greek salad.  I’ve had some issues with trying to find something I can eat at this restaurant.  They have an enormous menu, but nothing I can actually eat.  Thank goodness I figured this out.  It’s not even on the menu. But I couldn’t finish it all.  I didn’t even have any of their delicious bread.  I think the old hint about wearing something tight is the truth.  I wore a pair of the jeans I found last week in my digging through storage bins.  I need to wear them again!

It did leave me with dinner!

My leftovers were delicious with just the addition of a little shredded cheese.  Filling too.  I had some saltines with it and my only snack later was a tangerine Tootsie Pop.  Good thing too because I’m going to Weight Watchers this morning since I’m going to Maine with Gail and Alice on Saturday. I’m going today mostly because the updates to the Points Plus program come out this week.  I want to know what the changes are so I can head into the holidays in good shape…literally and figuratively!!

I may not be able to post everyday while I’m away, but I’ll do my best.  Of course I’ll give you a full update when I get back. 😉

After such a nasty day on Wednesday, it does seem like it will be a clear day today although it’s very cold and damp.  But I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

There’s my funny old tree again.  Love having that in my photos! 

Happy Thursday!!



14 responses to “First Christmas Party of the Season!

  1. Hi Fran!

    I. Love. Your. Christmas. Jacket!!!!! I love Christmas, so any excuse to get partied up with holiday sweaters is A-OK with me!

    Quick question: What made you become a vegetarian? I’ve been one for quite a few years, but your story sounds a lot cooler than mine. That would be a great blog topic!

    • Hi Mylene! Nice to hear from you again! I love that shirt! I’ve had if for years. I have one other that you’re likely to see sometime this season also! I think they’re fun.

      Regarding being vegetarian, I started Weight Watchers first. As I learned the program, I realized I could get more of the foods I did like…pasta…cheese, if I gave up meat, which was not great love of mine anyway. I slowly just gave it up. That’s why I can’t say exactly when I became veggie, because it was like a day when I said, Today I am a vegetarian. I sorto fo slipped into it. I wish I knew! I could celebrate! Glad to hear from you!

      • Thanks for the response, Fran! I’m a veggie because I love the animals – but I find I don’t miss it too much. My family has had to get used to my tofurkey on Thanksgiving and mojo Tofurkey on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). I just miss my grandmother’s cooking more than anything. 🙂

      • Mylene, I know what you mean. I didn’t start out because of not wanting to eat animals, but it has become that way. I will prepare meat for my husband, but I don’t like to touch it. I’ll usually wear rubber gloves.

  2. I know. The wind and rain last night were crazy. I couldn’t believe it this morning when I looked outside and it wasn’t raining anymore and almost looked nice!
    It is amazing how hard it is to find something vegetarian at some restaurants. Although I’m not vegetarian completely, I would say 90 percent of what I eat is, and it can be tricky!

  3. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. Love the pictures of the gang, and REALLY love the photos of the sunset. Hope all is going well.

  4. Yeah for all the parties and excuses to get together with loved ones. Glad you figured that out with the salad. I worked in a restaurant for years and if you just talk to your server they should be happy to accommodate you.

    • Marie, you know you’re right about the server trying to accomodate, but I hate to make too many changes to something because they have a hard time getting it right. This is easy…they only have a Greek salad on the menu with a meal. My brother in law got it all the time. I finally just asked if they could do an entree sized one…worked like a charm! It is so much fun getting togeher with everyone. We should do it more often!

  5. Hooray for more beautiful sunrise pics – and for Christmas lunches! John’s really talented; those carvings are beautiful 🙂
    And we’ve had that horizontal rain/gales combo too the last couple of days… not good!

    • Hi Eleanor! So glad you like my photos! It was a fun day. I’ve had so many nice comments about John’s carvings. He’s such a shy and unassuming man. I told him that at lunch and he didn’t seem to know what to say. He doesn’t think it’s much of an accomplishment, that’s why I always like to acknowledge it. I think he’s incredible!

  6. I love Christmas parties, especially with family

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