May I Call Myself The Queen of Leftovers?

More leftovers?  Well, yes and some non-leftovers too.

I loved the oatmeal with cranberry orange relish so much on Wednesday, that Thursday morning…

Oh, no!!!  Just barely enough to make a serving!! But it was enough.

Not necessarily photogenic, but yummy none the less.  Thank goodness my sister Ele resupplied me with oatmeal later in the day to hold me over until I go shopping…boy that was close!

I had planned on doing some projects around the house, but Ralph thought it might be nice to go out to lunch.  We went somewhere we haven’t been in a while…

In A Pickle!!  It was a great idea.

I started with a big cup of hot tea.

It was very cold out and I needed this!

Ralph occupied himself while we waited for our food…Of Course!!

I had a caprese wrap.  I’ve had this before as a salad, but I felt like more so I got the wrap.  Tomato, mozzarella, lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette.  I noticed that they have sharp provolone cheese on other dishes and asked for it to be added.  So tasty!  Of course, I did NOT eat the chips.  I’m proud of myself.  In less than 2 weeks it will be 10 months since I’ve eaten chips.  I’m proud of myself.  Sometimes you just have to do things that are hard to achieve what you want.  I’ll get off my soapbox before I hurt myself!

Some pickles on the side, of course!

Ralph’s finished product.  There’s always a pickle in his art when we go there…wonder why?! 😉

Dinner was fun and oh so delicious!

Typical start up-garlic, yellow squash, zucchini, home-made black beans and tomatoes with green chilies.

However, there was a special guest star this night.  I usually put my veggie combos over some kind of grain-rice, quinoa, couscous-or sometimes over pasta or a potato. Tonight…what’s our theme?  Leftovers…What do I have a lot of?

Stuffing!  Warmed up in the microwave.  It smelled so good when it came out!

All the goodies cooking up in the skillet!  I added a little Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime to the mix too.

Topped with some Locatelli cheese and then some sriracha sauce that I thought about after the photo.  This was SO delicious!!  It may have tasted so good because the stuffing was already flavorful.  I don’t care why, I just can’t wait to DO IT AGAIN!!

As I look at this, it seems like a lot of food, but I did fit it into my Weight Watchers points for the day.  It’s all a matter of working with what you’ve got.  So…May I call myself the Queen of Leftovers?  You can let me know!

Happy Friday!!!


14 responses to “May I Call Myself The Queen of Leftovers?

  1. I love Ralph’s illustration! His art should be featured on the blog more often. 🙂 Your dinner looks really good!

  2. Sometimes the very best food is just not photogenic. Good job on abstaining from the chips. I am not a huge fan of potato chips but I adore tortilla chips, I always have to have just a few.

  3. Great work, Your Majesty! I think that definitely qualifies for being queen of leftovers 🙂
    I think I’d have to go to that cafe just because of its genius name and great willpower by you; I wouldn’t have been able to resist the crisps if they were in front of me… love Ralph’s drawing too; he’s got real talent 🙂

  4. I LOVE leftovers! I don’t know how I’d make it through the week without them, as I am certainly NOT making lunch and dinner every single day, there’s just not enough time/energy. And cranberry in oatmeal? Yeah, I’m going to have to copy you on that, and soon! I always need new ideas for what to mix in with my daily morning oats, and I love the tang of cranberry sauces/relishes.

    • I always try to make more than one serving of thing…evidenced by my beans! I do that with grains too. That way, I just have to put things together, not really cook them. Oh, please try the cranberry in your oatmeal…it is SO good!

  5. I think you can definitely call yourself Queen of leftovers, they look delicious! Well done for avoiding the chips too 🙂

  6. Yummy, yes, I would crown you the Queen of Left Overs. I love left overs, the food is always better the second time around

  7. as a fellow leftover lover, i applaud you!

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