Another Weekend, Another Birthday!

It seems as though lately, the birthdays are never-ending.  But that’s a good thing!

Sunday we were off to celebrate the birthday of our wonderful little nephew, Jesse who turned Two last week.  It’s a fun age for a birthday party especially when you have a creative Mom to make it even more fun.  The theme of the party …



Can we all say ELMO!!!

These were the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen!

My problem was…The Birthday Boy was too fast for my slow camera!  He was facing me when I started to take this one!

This is Jesse with his beautiful Mom, our niece, Marie.  Marie told me I wasn’t allowed to take her picture.  I got this one by accident so it doesn’t count.  😉 I like the happy, startled look on her face!

The man of the hour!

Finally a smile!  Too bad the soda bottles were in the way!

You’ve heard of the Full Monty…well this is the Full Elmo!!

Opening Presents!

Laughing with his pretty Mom!  Don’t be mad, Marie!  You look beautiful!

As we were leaving, the start of a beautiful sunset through the tall pine trees.

This morning, a beautiful sunrise.  It was strange.  The photos were not taken looking at the sunrise.  The color was reflected in different areas in the sky.

I’m so lucky to get these shots.  I try never to miss the opportunity. 🙂

Lots to do today.  I’m about to send my NaNoWriMo project to them to be validated!!  I can’t believe I actually completed it.  In December, I’ll get the chance to re-read and edit and see if this is The Book I want to work on, or start again with something new.  It’s been a cool adventure so far.  Now to see where it takes me.

Happy Monday!!!



25 responses to “Another Weekend, Another Birthday!

  1. what a beautiful little boy!! I love elmo too. December is when the birthdays hit us. There are 12 people in my immediate family with birthdays the first two weeks of December. Have a wonderful Monday and keep sending those beautiful scenery shots. marie

  2. Haha, the Elmo cupcakes are cute 🙂

  3. so cute — lovin’ the Elmo!

  4. Those really are the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen! Happy Birthday to your nephew!

    And congrats again on your project! What an amazing accomplishment.

  5. WOOWOO, still so proud of you and your amazing Nano-skills! I’m only 1,000 words away, totally going to be done tonight if not tomorrow, can’t believe I’ll be a day early!

    And those elmo cupcakes…amazing. I want them at my next birthday party 😀 Is there an age cut off for when those are no longer appropriate? I hope not.

  6. Are you tempted by all the birthday cake? Cake is fortunately not my favorite (especially ones with gobs of icing). But ice cream, oh I love it so much.
    I think your niece looks great, why, because she is with her son and you can see love written all over her face.

    • Marie, that is so sweet! She’s a great girl and a terrific mother and of course her name is Marie! She’s expecting so she just didn’t feel she looked good. As you say, I think she looked beautiful! I did have a small piece of cake and it was yummy!

  7. Those cupcakes are adorable. Little kids really love Elmo, don’t they.
    Congratulations again on finishing your novel. It must have felt good to send it off.

  8. Wow, whoever made the Elmo cupcakes and big cake is seriously a genius; they’re brilliant!
    The sunset’s gorgeous and congratulations on finishing the project, brilliant achievement 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness those cupcakes are so wonderful! What a genius idea 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh – I want an Elmo themed party for my next birthday! I love those cupcakes 🙂

  11. I have an Elmo-obsessed niece who’s turning 2 in a couple of months. Those cupcakes would be PERFECT!!

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