I’ve Got The Sun in the Mornin’ And The Moon At Night…

The title of this post could have been Sunrise, Sunset, but I thought that sounded a little hokey and might make you think you were about to see a production of “Fiddler On The Roof!”  That’s what I get for thinking too much about my college days due to writing my NaNoWriMo novel…my life is a musical and every comment is a song cue.  Well, Yes and no, and Sunrise, Sunset…

Since the leaves are starting to leave us (uh-oh, it’s going to be one of those days!) I needed something else to focus on for pretty pictures.  Fortunately for me, Mother Nature has been cooperating in that regard for the last few days.  And since I was up at 3am (sigh) I was able to enjoy the sunrise and the moon set (stop it!) at the same time along with some Fall color. No, really, here it is…

I was amazed.  I just wish my camera was better at picking up the colors, well you work with what you’ve got and I think this is very pretty.

I think I’ve decided that this sleep thing is a pattern and I should just make the most of it.  Some nights I’m awake at 3am.  This morning, I slept until 6am.  I can’t tell and I’ve decided not to worry about it.  I’m just going to work with it.  After posting here on BCDC I got right to work on my novel (I should probably tell you the title, not sure if I want to yet, although it would fit right in with some of the things I’ve said in this post! Maybe I should make you guess…)  I had a date with Gail and Alice to run some errands at 10:30 and by the time I stopped writing to get ready, I had written 2052 words!  I was pretty happy with that and figured if I wanted to pass on my afternoon writing session; I was covered.

The girls and I went out.  Our first mission was to buy Gail’s birthday present. She said she wanted a bird house, but a specific kind.  I figured the best way to get it right was for her to pick it out.  We went to Lowe’s and found exactly the one she wanted.  Should have taken a photo, but after all, I had been up since 3am. 😦

We stopped at the Goodwill to look around and I didn’t buy any books!  That’s an accomplishment.  I’m trying not to, because I have so many that I need to read already.  I did look and got into a conversation with a lady about a book she had picked up.  I told her it was a good one, helped me get it out of my system!

Speaking of books, when I got back home I felt good although afternoon is usually when I start to feel sleepy when I have one of these middle of the night wake ups.  I think I’ve figured out if I just resist the urge for a nap, then I sleep well that night.  Ok, I can work with this. I got to work on NaNo and the story was really moving along smoothly,  my trusty cup of tea at my side.  I found a new fave, Bigelow Lemon Ginger. I got it at one of the hotels we stayed in on our trip.  Must have more!

When I got to a point in the story where I could stop I checked my word count.  I was shocked…My word count for the day was 4020 with a current total of 29,226!  I couldn’t believe it!  I really wanted to hang on and write that 800 or so more words to get to 30,000, but I decided I needed to stop.  I really was tired by that point and didn’t want it to affect the quality of my work…oh yeah, quantity over quality…I’m going for both.  I’m more than halfway there and it was not yet half way through the month.  This equals Happy Me!  I think I can do this!

If I work according to plan, you’re due a sunset now.  It is a different sunset than yesterday’s, I just take the pictures in the same general place.  I thought of it as my reward for working hard.  When I’m working I’m on my side porch which has lots of windows and the sun has the courtesy to set where I can see it.

This afternoon we’re off on an adventure to celebrate Gail’s birthday again.  There’s a car full of us going so it should be fun.  Actually, I can’t wait! 😉

Happy Tuesday!!



9 responses to “I’ve Got The Sun in the Mornin’ And The Moon At Night…

  1. It’s good that your “writing area” is one that you find inspirational. Keep up the good work!

  2. Those photos are beautiful! And congratulationson your word count.
    I almost never take naps, no matter how tired I am. I find them disorienting, and I associate them with being sick (since I will nap when I’m I’ll).

  3. Your photos are just wonderful ! Jim would be so proud of you! I know I am!

  4. Those sky photos are absolutely breathtaking. So very beautiful.

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