Falling Back In Line

Saturday was a day of highs and lows.  The low of course was my 5 pound weight gain at Weight Watchers.  The high was the opportunity to meet with so many other wonderful bloggers from the South Jersey Writers’ Group.  What a great experience.  I could have stayed all day.  But life was calling.

When you gain 5 pounds what do you do?  Go out to lunch!  That sounds crazy, but I did it with an eye toward making good choices and it gave Ralph and me another chance to go out and look at the beautiful Fall that is all around us.

We went to one of our usual favorites, The Gateway Diner in Westville.  We got there at about 2:30 and let me tell you, that’s the time to go.  The parking lot was empty and we got better than their usual quick service.  I ordered my favorite lunch there, the Veggie Gyro.

It starts with a small Greek salad, another forgotten photo, I had already started eating…

Very good.

The way my plate came out…

Gyro, cole slaw, tzaziki sauce, pickle and potato salad.

The way I ate it…

The potato salad was handed over into Ralph’s custody along with the pickle.  I did take a tiny taste of the potato salad because it is very good.  The Gyro is amazing on its own though!  Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and lettuce.  Top it with the tzaziki sauce as you go along…yum…It is SO messy but I love it.

What of that 5 pounds?  Obviously, I went off track last week.  Lots of challenges, a wedding and two birthday parties helped to do the damage and that not sleeping thing…all conspired against me.  But I’m the one in charge and I will get myself back in line with all of these issues.  No celebrations this week, even my birthday month is over so no chance there to get wild and crazy. 😦

Writing everything down is the most important thing in my WW bag of tricks.  Writing it down and honesty.  Good or bad, write it down.  I do feel I fell behind on getting my water in last week as well so I know I have to track that to be certain I’m getting it all in.  With my sleeping issues, I’ve fallen off track when it comes to exercise as well.  When was the last time I rode my stationary bike, or even did my marching in place trick.  So long I can’t tell you when.  That will change this week.

Cait over at Beyond Bananas said a really interesting thing yesterday regarding the time change last night.  She talked about being blessed with a 25 hour day.  I never thought about it that way.  She wrote that she had mixed emotions about it.  I agree with her.  The fact that it’s 7am and I see daylight out there, makes me feel like I’m behind already.  But it is a blessing too.  We’ve got an extra hour and we should all make the most of it.  Thanks, Cait for making me think about that and see the good in it!

I’m very excited after yesterday’s Meetup and I have some good ideas for ways to improve BCDC, but that work will probably not come until December now.  All of my extra time will have to be devoted to NaNoWriMo.  I really want to complete this.  I will if I stick to it.

That’s my plan for the coming week.  Be diligent on my Weight Watchers plan.  Do all of the things I know always work for me.  This is just a bump in the road and I’ve certainly dealt with bumps before.  Keep writing and writing and writing.  I know I said that all of the NaNo writing might make my BCDC posts shorter…it seems to have made them longer!

Before I leave you…a few of the beautiful photos Ralph and I took yesterday.

Everyone, get out and enjoy your 25 hour day.  Make the most of it.  I know that’s my plan.  Let’s all Fall Back Into Line!

Happy 25 Hour Sunday!


12 responses to “Falling Back In Line

  1. I think you have a great attitude to that 5lb gain. I’m sure not all of that will be ‘weight that sticks’ if you know what I mean and it sounds like you’ll be back on track in a flash! Hope you have a great long Sunday!

  2. A 25 hour day…now why have I never thought of that before? Brilliant actually!

    Sorry about the 5 lbs…this time of the year is hard because I feel like food is everywhere we turn! I hope that this week is an easier one for you.

    • Hi Ameena! Isn’t that a great way to look at the day. Cait certainly had the right idea. I was disappointed at the gain, but I know how to get myself back on track, just have to do it! Thanks for all of your support!

  3. That’s a great way to look at the daylight savings time. My kiddos were up at 7:30 according to the bedroom clock, I was okay with the wake up time. I came downstairs and realized that it was actually 6:30…I felt tired again. It’s all mental for me!
    Good luck with sticking on track this week!

    • I think all of us deal with that mental thing about time and tiredness. Sometimes I think if it weren’t for clocks I would never go to bed and I would never get up. So strange! Thanks for your support Amy, I really appreciate it!

  4. I always looked at the time change as an extra hour of sleep, but I like that view even better! I also like your attitude as far as getting back on track with your plan. You can do it!!

    • Thanks, Tara! As I said it wasn’t my idea, but when Cait posted it, I felt it should be shared. Staying positive is the best thing you can do with healthy eating efforts. I found it works for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I am definitely enjoying the extra hour.
    I think your attitude toward the gain is a good one. And it sounded like you enjoyed the celebrations, which is important.
    I did WW years ago (back when it was x number of breads, proteins) etc. (actually I just looked at your about page again and realized it was around the same time, 1989) and it led me to a 40-50 pound weight loss (a combo of following it and doing my own thing). I know it’s changed since I was in it, but I do like their approach.

  6. I don’t love the Fall time change. It gets dark too early, and it becomes more tedious to walk the dog in the evening. I do like getting an extra hour of sleep, though!

    • I don’t like the early darkness either, Stephanie. I really hated it when I was still commuting. I’d go to work in the dark and come home in the near dark. Not fun. It would make dog walking tricky. Be careful when you’re out there. Don’t want anything to happen to you!

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