Crafting With Hands And Words

Friday was a long day.  We had the pleasure of visiting the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Oaks, Pa.  Our good friend, Leigh from whom we bought our first land in New Mexico is an exhibitor each year and we try not to miss a chance to see her or to take in all the wonderful crafts.

We headed there earlier than usual and ended up spending the entire day there.  It was wonderful, but I have to say it was not laid out in as orderly a fashion as it usually is and we had a hard time finding thing.  Regardless, we caught up with several of our favorite vendors.  I was drawn to all of the wonderful food vendors there.

Dips, nut mixes, balsamic vinaigrettes.  Lots of samples.  I wanted to buy some of the balsamic vinaigrette I tasted at the booth with the chef.  But I was trying to be thrifty and only sampled.  No purchases for me.  That’s not to say I didn’t collect business cards with web sites on them! 😉

When the show closed we headed to the local Bob Evans for some dinner.  Knowing I had Weight Watchers in the morning,  I tried to choice wisely.  Not sure that I did.

Ok, so I had biscuits.  Two biscuits.  They were so good and I enjoyed them

Omelette with spinach, tomatoes, onions and cheese.  Very tasty.  It came with a side of fruit which hadn’t gotten there by the time I took the picture.  I ate that as my dessert and avoided the blackberry cobbler with ice cream which some in our party did Not avoid!

My efforts last night did not help me Saturday morning.  The scale was not my friend.  I’ve always tried to be honest here and I’ll honest…I gained 5 pounds.  It could be due to eating differently than I usually do the day before weigh in.  Could be because of my sleeping issues.  A friend at WW told me she’s heard that there are links between insomnia and weight gain.  I didn’t think about this until after I left WW, but it could have something to do with all the eating I did last weekend!  That’s probably the biggest part.  I’ll be analyzing what I do in the coming week to see where I can improve things.  I wasn’t happy, but it’s not the end of the world. Pick myself up, brush myself off and start all over again!  Hmm…a song cue!

After leaving WW I had the opportunity for something new and different…my first blogger’s Meet Up.  It was held in a wonderful place called The Treehouse Coffee Shop in Audubon, NJ.  It is such a fun place.

It has a great atmosphere and friendly people.  This is their wonderful tea selection.  I had red roobios.  I’ve heard about it but never tried it, very interesting.

I did not have one of those!  The finger and the fluffy drink belong to Amy, the wonderful moderator of the group and all around know it all.  I’ve met Amy before, but had never met any of the other bloggers. 

We all put our heads together to get info and improve our blogs…

Well I guess we put our Laptops together.  The whole event was so helpful and fun at the same time.  Amy was help me to update some things about BCDC.  Your comments will now come to my e-mail which will be a help.  You’ll also notice some added fun on the face of BCDC.  My Goodreads updates and the NaNoWriMo badge.  Yes!  I know how to add badges now.  Well, I do at the moment, when I’m ready to add another, I may have to e-mail Amy…;-)

Anyway it was great and we’ll be holding one once a month.  I’ll be missing the December one, but I’ll be able to attend in January.  Several of the people were staying later to work on their NaNoWriMo manuscripts.  I didn’t bring my jump drive and couldn’t work on mine.  But there will be several Meet Ups for that purpose and I’ll be joining in then.

Speaking of which…It’s time to get writing.  It might also be a good idea to get something to eat.  Lots to do, so I’m off!

Happy Saturday!!


6 responses to “Crafting With Hands And Words

  1. valerie andruss

    Yep – there is a lack of sleep/weight gain connection, but clearly today you were wearing an extra 5 lbs of clothing! And why is ‘pounds’ abbreviated ‘lbs’ anyway – there is no ‘l’ or ‘b’ anywhere in it!!
    Good luck w/the writing!!

    • I accept your reasoning, Val…just wish it was true! 😉 I’ve NEVER understood the “lbs” abbreviation. That would be a fun thing to December. The writing is going pretty good. I’m shocked. You’d be amused by it. It’s all about Glassboro and Summer Theatre and all the odd people. The names have been changed to protect the innocent!!

  2. Don’t beat yourself up about the 5 pounds, although I completely understand your disappointment. I hate those numbers…I hate how much power they have over our happiness. You’re lucky to be able to participate in a meet-up! I haven’t even found a blog belonging to someone in my province, let alone someone close enough to meet up with!

    • Stephanie, I had belonged to ths group when they met at a local Barnes and Noble, but they started meeting further away. I don’t see that well at night and had stop going. I was happy for a day meetup, but I think I’m going to stretch myself to go to some of the nightime ones. They’re going to have several NaNo meetings in the next few weeks. Not sure if that would help me. They’re getting together to right and I’m too easily distracted…ooooo Shiny! See what I mean. Thanks for all of your support.

  3. The other day I weighed myself when I got undressed for bed and again when I got dressed the next morning. I gained 5 pounds! Now, would someone please explain to me how THAT happened?! I think I better start inventorying the food before I go to bed!

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