Floating On A Sea Of Words

How poetic!  But we’re not talking about poetry here, kids.  It’s the attack of NaNoWriMo!  The poor brain is swimming and I’m up at 3am again because it won’t settle down.  Actually, I got a decent amount of sleep, drifting off at about 9;30pm last night.  When I wake up, I can stay in bed for about an hour trying to sleep but then it makes me a little crazy to just be there.  So here I am with all of you.  Too many ideas in my head to sleep I guess!

Thursday was a tricky day.  After posting on BCDC and going on FOREVER, I did a little work on the old novel.  When I get the whole thing a little clearer in my mind I’ll tell you all about it but for now, it’s just -The Novel. 

Ralph and I had to run some errands and it was a beautiful day to do that.  Sunshine, clear blue sky and the trees are Gorgeous!  It’s so strange the way the leaves are turning this year.  They seem to be turning more slowly and so the colors are lasting longer into the season.  Ralph and I spent our drive oohing and aahing over this tree and that tree, look over here, look over there.  The funny thing is that we were enjoying the sights and the ride so much that twice we ended up missing a turn that we needed to take!  I got some beautiful photos. (Oh, No!  More Tree Photos!)

Ralph actually pulled over to the side of the road a few times for me to take photos.  He doesn’t usually do that and it was fun.  It was certainly a fun way to spend the afternoon and accomplish our errands at the same time.

We grabbed a quick sandwich at the local market and I was so hungry, taking a photo never crossed my mind.  Pepper cheese and tomato on a round roll.  It was delicious.   Expertly made by Dave, the Army guy in the Halloween photo from the other day.  He makes the best sandwiches!

After lunch, I heard the mail truck pull up out front and heard a thud on the front step.

A package for Me??

From Penzeys Spices??  Yes, Indeed!  Penzeys is one of the great things that comes from reading other people’s blogs.  I can’t remember where I first found them, but I’ve been getting their catalog for a few months.  They always had coupons on the catalog, but I didn’t realize when they say “free” on the coupons that you can order just the free item.  You have to pay shipping, but the shipping for this was only $4.95.  Their catalogs are great because there are always a lot of recipes sent in by customers using their spices.  There are some great ideas in there.

In the box is, Forward, Mural of Flavor, Arizona Dreaming and 33rd and Galena.  They’re all spice blends unique to Penzeys.  Reading the labels, the combos sound really tasty and when I opened the box, the smell was amazing!  Included with it was a sample of Apple Pie Spice.  I’m so excited to give them all a try.  I think they will work well with the stir fries and weird veggie/grain combos that I come up with.  They’d probably be good on salads, too.  I could use the Apple Pie Spice on oatmeal and even in my coffee…and here I am getting carried away about spices!!  

After that, I sat down to do some writing.  I was having a hard time focusing.  I thought something warm to drink may help me to settle down.  I thought about coffee, but then with my recent sleep issues, I didn’t want to add any caffeine late in the day.

One of my favorites, The Republic of Tea Ginger Peach.  It is so soothing and I’ve loved it for years.  I had gotten this container 50% off back in the early spring.  I should think to drink it more often.  I really enjoyed it.  Served in my favorite tea mug given to me by my sister Ele a few years back.  I love dragonflies and this is so pretty.

So I drank my tea and tried to write.  It wasn’t coming to me and eventually I settled for 1290 words and called it a day.  I kept distracting myself for no reason I could determine.  I keep worrying about finishing when I should just concentrate on “quantity, not quality.”  I have to keep telling myself that.

Friday will find Ralph and me off on another adventure.  We’re off to see our friend Leigh at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Oaks, Pa.  Leigh and her husband Gil are the nice folks who sold us our first property in New Mexico.  It’s always great to see her and we’re looking forward to the show, too.

Now I better get my fingers flying!  Happy Friday!


16 responses to “Floating On A Sea Of Words

  1. You’re writing a book?! Wow, would love to hear about it some time 🙂
    And the more autumn tree pictures the better, I reckon. It’s weird that you’re seeing the same; the colours here have been strange this year; they started turning early and are just beautiful; must be the silver lining of the miserable summer we had 🙂

  2. I’ve heard of that process! Great that you are working through it. I hope you will write a “real” book someday, although everything you write down will be valuable to you personally.

  3. Mm, tea and writing are just a necessary combination! I love that ginger peach tea, Panera offers it and if I eat there for breakfast, I have a bagel, PB and ginger peach tea. Good luck with your Nano’ing! I’m have a simultaneous great time and miserable time with mine, and it should be 🙂

  4. I find with writing you really have to be in the mood, inspired almost, but that’s just me. Have fun at the craft fair!

    • Hi Marie. I think I’m learning that is the point of this whole exercise. You don’t need to be inspired, you just start writing. It’s kind of like a technique I particpated in before. You start writing for 10 minutes or 20 minutes or A Month and just write whatever comes out. When you’re finished, you can go back over it and there will be something usuable in there…usually! We’ll see!

  5. Well I am rather inspired by this undertaking! Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  6. Thats so awesome that your writing a book! 🙂
    Yay for getting packages!

  7. Hooray NaNoWriMo! the special delivery is brain food!

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