Did I Really Eat That?…WIAW!!

I’ve got to say that I was over the top in the food department this weekend.  That being said, I might as well go with it for the purposes of our favorite day of the week…What I Ate Wednesday!! As always a curtsy to the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons for being the hostess with the mostest!  A hug to whoever knows who the original hostess with the mostest was! (I bet Ele or Val will know the answer)  Before I get carried away with nostalgia…let’s get carried away with Food!

Peas and Crayons

I’m going to work backwards, just because I feel like it.  Sunday was birthdays for as far as you could see.  We started out at about 1pm at my sister Ele’s to celebrate niece Carrie’s birthday.

Carrie and her husband Patrick

Carrie, Ele and Patrick

I was greeted by these happy faces!

Oh, no…not pizza!

Ok, so I ate 2 pieces. 😦

The cake with Ralph’s “special candle” again!

Cookies and cake…who could ask for more!

Later that same day…Birthday number two.  Our grandson, also a Patrick turned 17!

Patrick, Alex and their Mom, Heather

Bill and Ralph

Oh yes…food…the Steakhouse Dilemma again…

Large house salad with ranch on the side…please don’t mention the peanuts in the bucket…:-(

The whole gang heading home…Birthday Day is Done (What’s wrong with my neck?!?)

Saturday was wedding day!  You can see the story of the wedding here.  This post is all about the food!

Thanks to the Mother of the Bride, food choices were vegetarian friendly.  My favorite thing was a wonderful eggplant dish.  Grilled eggplant topped with fried eggplant topped with a large slice of tomato, cheese and basil.  So good.  The kindly server gave me a second one when I turned down chicken and told her I was a vegetarian.  I didn’t realize Ralph had gotten one just for me.  Three I tell you!  So Good!  There were also green beans, veggie medley and garden salad.  I was STUFFED!

But there was more to come…

Brownies made by the Brides’s Mom.  Brownie and caramel and walnuts…Oh My!  So tasty.  I had styling assistance by both Ralph and Ele.  Guess they think I need a Lot of help!

Oh, and cake…did I mention cake?

It doesn’t look it, but it was pumpkin spice. Very subtle flavor and wonderful not too sweet icing.  I should have styled it, but I wanted to eat it.  It was wonderful. The man who made the cake was at our table and told us all about the process. 

I saved the best for last.

The cake was so beautiful, I wanted to save it for last.  Again, it was a wonderful day and full of wonderful tastes.

So that’s it from me for What I Ate Wednesday.  Be sure to stop by Peas & Crayons to join all of the fun.  Say Hi to Jenn and all the revelers.  Read some blogs, leave some comments, drool a little when appropriate.  It may be the most fun you can have with your computer!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


49 responses to “Did I Really Eat That?…WIAW!!

  1. Omgosh! The pumpkin cookies look go cute! and yummmm caramel in brownies are the best!

    • Hi Vien! The cookies are the kind that come in a roll and you slice them off. The brownies were incredible and i’m told very easy. I told the brides mother I didn’t want to know the recipe because they were too good!!

  2. Pumpkin cake? Oh my. I’d love to have pumpkin or spice cake for my wedding. None of that gross sugary chocolate stuff. Need the good quality cakes.

  3. Mmmm that eggplant dish sounds great! Love the idea of serving something grilled with something fried on top :)!

  4. I wish I ate what you ate! That eggplant dish looks and sounds amazing. I absolutely love eggplant!

    For some reason my comment reply email isn’t working, so in response to your comment on my blog: I got the canary melon at wegmans!

  5. I love those happy face pumpkin cookies! Happy WIAW to ya! 🙂

  6. That wedding cake is stunning! I love the little brownie with the fall decoration too!

  7. Cute pics! Sounds like a busy day!
    That is awesome that the wedding food was veggie friendly! Don’t see that very often =)

  8. Now im craving pizza and cake! 😀
    Happy WIAW to you too!

  9. That’s such a gorgeous cake! And pumpkin spice?? Sounds amazing. Between that and those adorable jack-o-lantern cookies, I’m all in 🙂

    Oh yeah, and just realized you’re on Stephanie’s Nanowrimo mailing list too, hope your writing adventures are going well 🙂

  10. Peanuts in a bucket!? Oh man.. I haven’t been to a restaurant with them in ages! Did you get to throw them on the floor too?

  11. What a great weekend and great food. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful weekend.
    P.S. That cake looks amazing.

  12. Don’t you just love going to a special event and they have lots of awesome veg options! What a neat idea they had for their cake to match the season.

  13. I have been loving eggplant lately. When made properly it’s scrumptious. Hey we’ve all been on a little sugar high with Halloween, you’re in good company.

  14. Looks like a party filled weekend! Those weekends are so fun and make for great memories!
    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  15. I meant to comment on the wedding cake but my 2 year old distracted me with chocolate all over his hands!
    The cake was beautiful, love all the fall colors!

  16. I want some cake too please!! Teehee. I also want that pumpkin cookie – seriously cute!! x

  17. grilled eggplant topped with fried eggplant topped! that sounds heavenly!!

  18. grilled eggplant topped with fried eggplant! that sounds heavenly!!

  19. How thoughtful of the mother of the bride to make sure you had a vegetarian option! That makes catered functions so much easier to enjoy. 🙂

  20. New to your blog, it’s great. I’m torn between the brownie and the eggplant, hmn.

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by! The food was so good, I’m toying with getting the brownie recipe from the Mother of the Bride…but then I’d have to eat them and I’d be in big trouble! Please come back to visit again!

  21. Soo many tasty eats here… that cake is my favorite thing (I am quite positive I would love that flavor) and the smiley cookies are too cute! Don’t worry about indulging a bit, you can always go back to your healthy habits 🙂 All about moderation right? Something I remind myself of as well

  22. Mmm only TWO pieces of pizza? That is excellent in my book. Consider I usually eat 4.. or 5… or 6….

    I REALLY like pizza.

    The cake is gorgeous!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I used to eat at least a half pizza. I’ve gotten myself under control and in truth I generally avoid it because I know I have trouble controling it. The cake was amazing! Please visit again, often!

  23. Wow – now I want cake!! Pumpkin cake! What a great flavor to have for a Fall wedding!

  24. Pumpkin cake sounds delicious! There’s no need to fuss or fret about the fact that you ate pizza and cake this weekend. Eat and enjoy! Birthdays and weddings are special days! And…ummm…isn’t is someone’s birthday every day? Ha!

  25. Oh my goodness! So many delicious eat! That sounds like a fantastic time 🙂

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