Halloween This and That

I have to say that I appreciate all of your comments on my baby Aunt Jemima photo and the Zombie Vegetarian.  Ralph is thrilled that so many of you enjoyed it.  Since Ralph and I have been together, I have gotten used to waking up in the morning and finding little sketches of myself on the kitchen counter.  It often borders on the creepy to find myself smiling back at me, but very sweet that he likes to draw me so much.  Part of the things I’ve been finding during all of the sorting I’ve been doing are these drawings.  When I get them organized, I’ll have to share some with you.

My strategy for Halloween in the candy department was to buy it as late as possible and buy things that I would never eat.  I think I succeeded there.  I went out with my friends Gail and Alice in search of disgusting candy.  We made a stop at Aldi’s for a few real food things.  Of course we always seem to find things that need to be filed under Things I Didn’t Need To Know Existed.  Today’s entry….

Soft pretzels in a can.  They’re like the biscuits and cinnamon rolls you can buy.  They even have cinnamon ones with icing.  I’d be in big trouble with them around!

Gail makes a lovely hand model.  She’s the one who’s always trying to help me “style” my food when we eat out.  I got all of my candy.  Mostly gummy things, worms, spiders and eyeballs.  Trust me, I won’t be eating them! 😉

Ralph and I stopped at a little local store for him to buy his daily newspaper.  We were met by this fun group…

Brenda was a deviled egg!!  She made the costume herself and I thought she was just adorable.

One of our errands prior to our stop there was at the Comcast office to pick up a new cable box.  I don’t think I can put into words my frustration regarding trying to have this new box set up.  It took at least 6 calls and I still thought it was not resolved.  The issue was that I couldn’t get any local stations.  They kept saying they were sending a “refresher signal.”  Well, it certainly took it’s time.  After starting at about 2:30, I finally had my stations at about 8:15.  I was frustrated needless to say.

Somewhere during that time, I realized I hadn’t eaten.  I wanted something…everyone say it with me…quick and easy!

A can of vegetarian chili from Aldi’s and the last of my bulgur.  Gail had told me the chili wasn’t too good, so I was prepared to do some doctoring.  I added some frozen corn.

There are few things that can’t be improved by some Cabot 50 % reduced fat cheese (Yes! I replenished my supply!) and some Sriracha sauce.  It was pretty good…High Praise Indeed.  And it was satisfying.

Having made such disgusting candy choices I thought I was safe.  Sadly, Ralph decided he would buy some Milky Ways.  He brought them in to me accompanied by two gummy eyeballs…blue of course!  Didn’t have my camera with me, but I think I may hold on to the eyeballs and use them in some other photos.  Keep an “eye” out for them!!

Not sure what’s on the agenda for Tuesday, but I’m sure there will be a story to go along with it. 

Happy Tuesday!!


12 responses to “Halloween This and That

  1. I closed the door when the kids started parking their pick up trucks in front of the house and getting out to come to my door!

  2. I can easily pass on gummy candy too, that’s an easy no! But oh man, my friend bought peanut butter Snickers, which I didn’t even know existed somehow, and those were so hard to resist! I mean, peanut butter, chocolate and caramel? Yeaah. Looking forward to those sketches, that’s adorable–although, I can see how it would be a little creepy too, haha.

  3. Such a good idea to get candy that you’re not crazy about so you won’t chow down! When I eventually (hopefully not too long from now) live in a house/neighborhood where kids trick or treat, I’ll have to try that – but I know I will have to buy just one bag of goodies I love, too 🙂

  4. I love gummy sweets – they are my favourites, so I would find it hard to resist. I would find Milky Ways even harder to resist 🙂

  5. I implement that trick too. I buy tootsie pops because I won’t eat them. Candy doesn’t interest me. Chocolate on the other hand………

    • Oh, Marie! Tootsie Pops are my favorites!! They’re a good treat for me, though. They’re only 1 Point on Weight Watchers. My two friends and I are always on Tootsie Pop patrol trying to find new and different ones. I know what you mean about chocolate, though!

  6. I thought I was virtuous bringing our leftover candy (butterfingers, nestle crunch) to work. Of course, there was new and different leftover candy there, so now I have a baby ruth, a reese’s, and some sour patch kids…

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