A Food Free For All

Last week was quite a week considering the wedding and the ongoing birthday celebrations.  I was not sure what my result would be when I got on the scale at Weight Watchers today.  I was pleased to find out that I stayed the same.  I had worked heard all week to get back on track.

Gail and Alice and I usually go out for breakfast after our WW meeting.  While waiting for the meeting to start, I got a call from Ralph saying he’d like to join us.  Now I’m not saying it’s his fault what happened at breakfast.  I’m blaming it on a recurring TV commercial that keep showing pancakes.  I should have had my usual scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes, to start the week off right, but no…I had to have pancakes.

We all showed up at the Gateway Diner.

Pancakes and I do mean Pancakes!  I had them with sugar-free syrup…does that help!?! 😉  They were very good.  It’s always so frustrating when you’ve been looking forward to something and it’s disappointing.  This certainly was not the case.  They were very good.  I’ll be playing catch up all week.

I got a text from my sister Ele saying I should stop by her house when I get home, she had a present for me.  What was it?

A ceramic travel coffee mug…dressed up for Fall!  It’s so pretty and I love it!  Thanks, Ele!!

When we got home, I got back to work on my sorting and tossing, which is something like sorting and packing only different and possibly better!  I got through another big box of “stuff.” What was in the box was either sorted, moved to another Organized box or trashed.  The trash men are going to love me on recycling day.  My huge blue bin is almost full after only 2 days work, but don’t tell anybody!!

Late afternoon, Ralph asked if I was getting hungry and I actually was.  He suggested Chinese.  He suggested one restaurant, but I suggested Sakana Oriental.  I like it better.

They always give us the steamed edamame to start.  Protein…a girl needs protein!

This is one of the reasons I like it better.  They offer vegetarian hot and sour soup.  I love it and at so many Chinese restaurants, it is  not vegetarian.  This was delicious as always.

For my entrée, I had vegetable lo mein.  I had not tried this at Sakana before.  I really enjoyed it.  The sauce was more flavorful than at some Chinese restaurants.  Definitely a good choice!

This is the other reason I like going to this restaurant…

…Ginger Ice Cream!  It is so good and the other restaurant in town does not have this.  I figured if I was going to have this kind of day, I might as well have this too.  It has such a unique flavor.  I looked at it as part of my Birthday Month celebration!

There may have been a stop on the way home that may included the purchase of some chocolate, but there’s no need to discuss that here.  When we got home, I was excited to find out that one of my favorite all time movies, “Camelot” was on TV.  I missed the first few minutes, but watched it, sang along with all the songs and remembered most of the dialogue, too.  “It’s May…It’s May…The Lusty Month of May….”

No it’s not, it’s October and that means more Fall pictures.

There are often wild turkeys in this field but they weren’t there today.  I’ve been trying to catch a photo of them, but no luck.

Sunday I’ll be going on an adventure with Ele and I hope to get some more sorting done in the morning before we go out.  I feel like I’m on a roll here!!  Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday!


6 responses to “A Food Free For All

  1. looks like a great place to eat out- that soup looks delicious!

  2. Glad the pancakes lived up to your expectations. Ginger ice cream? Never had it but it sure looks good. And no, it is not necessary to talk about the chocolate, just to eat it.

  3. We have wild turkeys near my house and they are so cool to watch! Ginger ice cream sounds pretty darn tasty!

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