Chewing Gum with Lloyd Braun

Monday morning we were out early to breakfast with my sister Ele and Jim, our friend from Washington.  One of Jim’s favorite breakfast places is the Hollywood Cafe, so that’s where we headed.  I must say, I’m feeling off track since this weekend so I figured I’d do best with oatmeal.

It was good, but I like it with cinnamon which they didn’t have.  I think I need to start carrying some with me.  I felt better than if I’d had something else for breakfast.

After breakfast, I had plans to go shopping with Gail and Alice.  We had to stop to get cat food for Gail’s cat.  I found a kitten that I would love to get, but no kitties for me until we get settled in New Mexico.  😦  This one was so cute, though.

Gail has been having trouble with grinding her teeth and her doctor suggested she chew gum.  As we were leaving Target we noticed that there were a lot of really “interesting” Extra gum flavors available now.  Apple pie and mint chocolate chip were the two that Gail bought.  We tried them.  The mint chocolate chip was not too good, but we all decided we liked the apple pie.  It felt like a Seinfeld episode, 3 of us driving in the car, passing gum around and spitting it out to try a new flavor.  Hmmm…guess you had to be there.

Of course, no shopping trip with the Girls is complete without a trip to a thrift store.  Did I find a treasure?  Yes!!

I got these 2 little crocks for $1 each!  They’ll be great for soup or chili or as Gail said at least 3 times, French Onion soup! 

Dinner was quick and predictable…

Baby greens, romaine, Roma tomato, red bell pepper, black beans, quinoa and shredded cheddar cheese.  Topped off with leftover balsamic vinaigrette from my Sunday night salad.

Very good.  Kept me satisfied all night, which is important. 

Just so you don’t forget that it’s Fall, here are a few more foliage photos.

Happy Tuesday!



16 responses to “Chewing Gum with Lloyd Braun

  1. LOL — I can picture some of my friends tasting and then spiting out the gum — LOL!!
    Love the crocks — and I think your friend is right — looks perfect for French Onion Soup — 😉

  2. I love those little crocks. It’s so much more enjoyable to eat out of nice cute dishes, especially when they are such a deal. Still enjoying your fall pics. It’s 90 degrees here, will winter ever come?

  3. My mom and I keep a small container of cinnamon on the car for “emergencies” 🙂 we can’t get enough! I thought the apple pie gum was pretty good as well. Kind of weird and different, but not bad at all!

  4. I eat oatmeal almost every day at work. Oddly, the cafeteria offers raisins, walnuts, brown sugar, and milk, but not cinnamon. So I keep it at my desk w/my Truvia. BTW: tried making hot chocolate last night: Dutch process cocoa w/cinnamon, cayenne and Truvia instead of sugar. It worked!! I couldn’t tell the difference!! I made it w/a water base, but it would be even better w/milk. On the other hand, I bought chocolate caramel snack bars at last wk’s WW mtg. Inedible.

  5. I agree with you…oatmeal needs cinnamon. I’m not feeling so great today, so I seem to only be craving oatmeal. I’ve already eaten it for two meals…with cinnamon, of course.

  6. Those crocks look very cute and I bet they come in really useful.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I know how to cook beans in theory, but my cold-addled brain made me go to bed withut turning them off 😉
    I agree that it would be much better to cook them in a pressure cooker – I think my housemate might have one that I can dig out.

  7. I love, love those crocks! I’d just need about 9 of them for my family because everyone would think they should have their own for some reasons. I love oatmeal, and always add cinnamon.

  8. Those little crock pot bowls are too cute. Dinner sounds good, I need to make something with black beans soon. Im craving them!

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