The Birthday Month Continues!

Sunday needed to be sort of a recovery day for us.  I actually slept on Saturday night when we got home but I woke with a terrible headache…one of those nagging ones that just sits on your head like a hat that’s too tight and will NOT go away.  Since all I had to drink at the wedding was the champagne for the toast, I couldn’t blame it on that.  My friend Gail said that maybe if I had a few drinks, I wouldn’t have had the headache.  She might be right!

My activity on Sunday was mostly hanging out, napping, watching the Eagles game with Ralph (they won!  He’s Happy!) and more napping.  We were waiting to hear from my sister Ele regarding another birthday celebration.  She and our friend Jim had spent the weekend participating in the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey.  It’s a weekend where you visit every lighthouse in the state.  It takes 2 days and it’s a lot of fun.  I did the second day with them last year, but I couldn’t this year because of the wedding.  It was a lot of fun.  They had much better weather this year.  It was damp and cold last year.

We got the call that they were home at about 6pm and headed over to Ele’s house.  Waiting for me was my traditional birthday cake…

Please don’t think that my sister doesn’t love me enough to make me a real birthday cake.  She loves me plenty and for many years made me all sorts of special cakes.  A few years ago, she asked what kind of cake I wanted.  I told her I’d like a cake like Grandmom used to make.  This tradition was born.  It is a box devil’s food cake (store brand, not name brand) with lemon flavored confectioner’s sugar icing.  It is perfect and I love it and I never want any other birthday cake.  When I move to New Mexico, I’ll have to make it myself, so I’ll have to get the recipe for the icing from Ele…I already know the recipe for the cake… 😉

We needed dinner first so we ordered from Picasso’s.  The other kids were having pizza but I figured that after all I ate on Saturday, I needed to get myself under control.  Enter the mixed cheese salad…

With balsamic vinaigrette of course.  It was very good and just what I needed.

Ele got a set of the mugs too!!  So pretty with her Fall teapot!

We realized we didn’t have any candles, so Ralph, ever resourceful, put a wooden match in the middle of my cake!

It’s hard to see in the photo, but it’s lit!

My serving…so moist and yummy!  There will be no discussion of the second piece I had when I got home.  Also yummy! 😉

So that was Sunday.  Definitely ending better than it started. 

Thought I’d share a Fall tree with you.  I took this on the way home from my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday.  So pretty, just sitting there with nothing else around it.  More trees are changing now so expect more pictures!

I believe there’s breakfast in my future this morning with Ele, Jim and Ralph.  Oatmeal sounds good to me!

Happy Monday!!


8 responses to “The Birthday Month Continues!

  1. Yay! You put me in a good mood to start this monday off:) Enjoy your start to the week!!! Love, Sue

  2. Awww that sounds like such a fantastic birthday celebration! I love that there is more meaning behind that cake 🙂

  3. Glad you extended your birthday the whole month, you deserve it. That salad looks delicious and I love how you McGyver’d the candle. See, with age comes wisdom and ingenuity.

  4. when you get to NM I will have to send you a care package with all the cake fixin’s since I doubt it will make it there if I bake it and send it!

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