A Wedding In Two Parts

Friday night into Saturday morning was another of those nasty nights when I wake at 3:30am and then can’t get back to sleep.  I hate it.  I try and try, but it’s not in the plan for me to go back to sleep.  This was not good because I knew I’d be up late Saturday night.

Nevertheless…I got up and headed out to my Weight Watchers meeting.  Grabbed my coffee on the way and faced the music on the scale.  I didn’t especially like the tune the scale was playing.  I gained three-quarters of a pound.  Ah, well, I will have to review my week and see what the issue might be.  Strangely, I think it may be not enough water.  I’m usually so good with that, but I did notice a change in my habits with water this week.  I need to work on that.

When I got home, Ralph suggested breakfast but it had to be fast and easy, we were off to a wedding in the afternoon.

We headed to the Gateway Diner.  Just our luck, they were very busy so we opted for sitting at the counter.  We like to do that sometimes.  It’s fun.

I made it easy and got my usual…

Two eggs scrambled, sliced tomatoes and rye toast.  Boy am I a creature of habit!

We had good directions to the wedding, but they sounded a little strange, so we got ourselves ready and left at 2:30pm.  It was supposed to be just over an hour.  The directions were very accurate and we arrived at our destination at about 3:45pm.  Our destination was The Carriage House in Galloway, NJ.  What an amazing place.

Since we were early, we got to see the bridal party having photos taken.

The groom, Eric just before he sees his bride, Vicki for the first time.  Nicely staged for me by the Real photographer.  I love it!

Almost ready…

Ready!!  Eric is in the Air Force, hence the uniform.  Everyone looked So Nice!

Four old friends.  Alice, Me and Gail the usual suspects, joined by Alice’s sister Marianna who lives in Arkansas.  Gail and I went to high school with Marianna.  The bride is Alice’s niece so it was great to see her whole family.

The Carriage House was pretty incredible.  If you take a look at their website you’ll see what I mean.  After the cocktail hour we headed into the main ball room.  We could hear music and when the doors opened we were greeted by this sight…

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the band, but they were incredible!  I asked the bride’s dad, Joe if they had to pay extra for a band that wasn’t afraid of heights!  😉

Speaking of the bride’s dad, I always get mushy when they do the Father/Daughter dance at weddings.  So here you are…

The photos aren’t as good as I hoped.  But it’s just amazing to see Joe dancing with his daughter.  A few years ago that wouldn’t have been possible.  Joe suffered for years from a hereditary lung disease.  Last year he had a double lung transplant and it’s given him a new lease on life.  It’s just amazing.

Actually Joe and his wife Nancy, both of whom I grew up with have been together for 46 years, married for 41.  They’ve never dated anyone else.  Just an amazing couple.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of them because they were never off the dance floor except to sit down to eat!!  Just amazing to have seen such a miracle happen after so many years of illness.

So you might be asking yourself…where’s the food?!?  That would be a fair question.  I decided I’d talk about the wedding itself and save all the wonderful edibles for a special day later in the week.  Can you say What I Ate Wednesday?  So be sure to stop back on Wednesday to see all the wonderful food that was offered at The Carriage House. 

It was a special evening for a special couple and a special family.

Happy Sunday!!



6 responses to “A Wedding In Two Parts

  1. What a beautiful venue — looks like you all have a wonderful time — 🙂

  2. I love attending weddings. It’s such a happy occasion where you get to spend time with family and friends (& good food). Hope you get more rest this week.

  3. I love weddings, but don’t get to see them enough! Looks like they had a lovely venue and celebration.

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