All Dollar Stores, All The Time

Thursday afternoon, my sister Ele and I took a little tour of dollar stores in the area.  We hit 2 Family Dollar stores and a Dollar General.  We also made a stop at Aldi’s food store. Of course we sustained ourselves first by a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for pumpkin spice coffee!  A girl needs to be fortified! 😉

Now I’ve got to be honest.  This whole Thrifty Vegetarian idea just came up this week so I’m not certain of all the prices on things.  From now on, when I shop, I WILL track what it costs so we can see how well I’m doing.

First at Aldi’s we got these goodies…

I added to my stash of veggie broth or in this case stock with this purchase.  These were twice the size of the cans I bought earlier in the week.  I had never seen them have veggie stock there so I was happy.  I may go back at the beginning of the week and pick up a few more.

I also picked up a can of vegetarian chili, which Ele says is very good.  Also a very unique thing, a can of tomatoes, okra and corn.  It sounds really good.  I foresee adding some beans and putting it over rice or quinoa or bulgur.  Yum…

Next stop was Family Dollar.  Ele had wanted to buy me something she’d seen there…

How often do you find purple Autumn mugs?!?  I love them…for $1 each!  I can say that because Ele knows that I know what they cost.  They are so cool!!  Thanks, Ele!!

We then headed to a new Dollar General in the area.  It was shiny and bright and bigger than the other one that used to be in town.  My first find…

Diced tomatoes with green chiles.  Now in truth, I first found Ro-tel tomatoes with green chiles.  They were $1 per can which is a pretty good price for them.  Then I found these that are 2 cans for $1!!!  I was so excited.  I love the Ro-tel ones, but I hate to pay the price.  I usually buy regular ones and spice them up myself.  It’s nice to know there’s a thriftier alternative!

Then Ele decided I needed another giftie.

Halloween/Autumn socks!!  Ele suggested that I introduce my Sneakers to my Socks…I think that would give even Me a headache! 😉  Thanks, again, Ele!

It was a really great excursion and it makes me happy that there are 2 Family Dollar Stores and a Dollar General in Silver City.  I always feel at home, they seem to have the same products no matter which store you go to.  I like that.

Friday morning I decided it was time to make use of a lovely honeydew I got earlier in the week.

And since I hadn’t had breakfast yet…

Honeydew, FF vanilla yogurt and Fiber One…


And before I go…a bit more Autumn beauty…

I love the way some trees change piece by piece rather than all at once.  Very pretty.

That’s it for now.  Hope your weekend is going well.  We’re off to a wedding today!

Happy Saturday!!


14 responses to “All Dollar Stores, All The Time

  1. I love those purple autumn mugs 🙂 And everyone needs Halloween socks!

  2. You’re funny! I LOVE dollar stores … I’ve been utilizing them even more frequently with our Bob being in the middle East for the past year — I can lots of the stuff these guys need without breaking the bank — 🙂
    PS: pretty mugs — 🙂

  3. Oh those autumnal mugs are pretty good. And those socks are cute.

  4. You can find some really cool items in dollar stores! I like to play around in them because they have some strange stuff.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I am curious to see if your sneakers and socks got along? Love the new mugs. I totally find that eating is so much more fun and satisfying when the presentation is nice & when you can find great deals at the $1 store or thrift store, why not?

    Hope the honeydew was good. The last one I bought I wasn’t really thinking and cut into it before it was ripe. So sad. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

    • Yes, Marie, I wonder if they’ll get along. I agree with you on the fact that the food seems to taste better with good presentation. I am totally into dollar stores and thrift stores!. The honeydew was delicious!I wasn’t sure this time of year.

  6. I get all of my seasonal socks at dollar stores! Errr…yes…I have a lot of seasonal socks. They make me happy, even if they DO look ridiculous with my sneakers. My favourite thing to buy at dollar stores are craft supplies.

    • You know, Stephanie…I rarely think about socks in the Dollar store, but it makes sense they’ll have them. They have everything else! And you’re right, they have the best things for crafting. I’m just not too crafty…:-(

  7. Very nice breakfast combo and I love the fall pictures! Cute mugs and socks too! Gotta love those prices. 🙂

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