Monday…Birthday Part 2!

Started out early Monday morning with my crock pot in my hand!  I had put some black beans in to soak on Sunday night.

Seven hours later, they turned into these beauties…no muss…no fuss!

I just love cooking beans in my crock pot.  Now…what to make of them??  I’ve got a few new ideas.

Since I was up early, I had the chance to witness this beautiful sunrise…

Appropriate for my Birthday Part 2!

I couldn’t miss the chance to enjoy my free Monday iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts!

Even though I didn’t have any errands, I went anyway!  Free is definitely good!

Took the chance on the way home to capture some Autumn beauty…

…Again, they’re all dressed up for my Birthday!

Afternoon found me at the chiropractor’s office with Gail and Alice and now our friend Margot has joined the group.  Soon we’ll need a bigger car!  I hadn’t been to see the doctor since well before our long trip so my back really appreciated the adjustment!

When I got back from there, Ralph and I headed to one of our favorite places for my belated Birthday dinner…Ruby Tuesday!! When we were deciding where to go, I didn’t initially think of Ruby Tuesday.  I always go through my head thinking of free standing restaurants.  Ruby Tuesday is inside the Deptford Mall.  We were very lucky.  When we got there at about 5:30, there was no wait.  Guess Monday is the night to go!

We started with one of our favorites, the fruit tea…Blackberry for both of us!

So tasty!

Ruby Tuesday has the best salad bar in any of the local restaurants.  Many times I just order that and I can go back as many times as I like.  Their selection was not as extensive as usual, maybe because it was a week night.  Still delicious, though.

My entrée, which I’d already started eating (I was really hungry!!)  It’s pasta with red pepper marinara sauce.  It’s actually not on the menu any longer, but they made it for me anyway.  The interesting thing is that they now have spaghetti squash with this sauce on the menu!!  I couldn’t believe that!  I’ve always wanted to try it, but I thought it was a little expensive for squash.  Maybe now I’ll be encouraged to try it at home!

We came home just in time to watch Antiques Roadshow…a perfect end to Birthday Part 2!

One more pretty foliage shot for you.  My friends Gail and Alice were in Maine this weekend and said that they are having a foliage “crisis” up there.  This is when all of the tourists come to see the leaves and they haven’t turned yet!  Ours in New Jersey are really only just starting.  Stay tuned for more as the season progresses.

I will miss this when we move to New Mexico, but then I can always come to visit! 😉

Happy Tuesday…Off to greet the day!!


4 responses to “Monday…Birthday Part 2!

  1. Another Happy Birthday and happy fall. I got the Halloween decorations up last night

  2. Glad the celebration keeps rolling on with you being able to do so many of the things you enjoy. Food and friends, nothing better than that!

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