Saturday Dash

As I went about my Friday, I realized that I was not going to have the opportunity to post to BCDC on Saturday morning.  As things stand, I may not even have the chance on Saturday evening, so…. Enter the scheduled post!  I love the option for when I know I won’t have the chance to post.  Next time I have the chance to upgrade my phone, I’m definitely going to try for a phone that allows me to blog from the phone.  That will simplify life…if I can figure it out!! 😉

Friday I did some work on trying to figure out adjustments, re-vamping of BCDC.  Not content or personality, just some things I’ve been reading that I should be doing.  Again, it requires figuring out before I can do it!

I did have an appointment for a haircut.  I like how it looks, however, I am still so bad at doing self photos, that I won’t subject you to them.  I tried quite a few, but they are not flattering and I like you all too much to make you look at them!

Friday was one of those days that just got away from me.  I finally got to get breakfast/lunch at about 1:30pm!!  I put together a quick yogurt parfait.

Made with 1 cup of Fiber One, 1 cup FF vanilla yogurt and strawberries.  Even for something that quick, it looked nice in my cool old measuring cup.  I actually found another one in my cabinet.  If I could only get Ralph to eat yogurt, we would both have one.  Maybe someday! 😉

Dinner is not ready yet.  I have some bulgur wheat soaking up the hot water right now.  I still have loads of pinto beans and they’ll go well together.  It’s going to be make it up as you go along tonight, I think.

Tomorrow is going to be busy.  Ralph is drawing in a nearby town at a Civil War reenactment.  He does it every year and enjoys it.  After that, he’ll be camping with our two grandsons, so I’ll be on my own tomorrow night.  I’ll need to figure out something fun to do.

I’ll be spending part of the day with him which is great.  The town where he’ll be is filled with antique shops and I love spending time there.  He’ll be busy, so I can explore all I want.

So wish me luck at Weight Watchers in the morning.  I feel that I’ve probably done pretty well this week.  I should get a small loss, but that’s at least a start.  I haven’t gotten any exercise since we got back from New Mexico and I have to correct that situation in the coming weeks. 

One fun photo to share.  Wednesday morning I went outside to get something from my car.  What did I see in our neighbor’s yard…

…a big fat bunny!  Just sitting there.  He stayed there for quite a while.  I thought he was cool.

Have a great Saturday!  I’ll have fun to share with you on Sunday!  Cheers!!


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