A Gift To Myself

I’m not sure how to approach this post.  Are you allowed to wish yourself a Happy Birthday?  If you do, do you have to give yourself a present?  Are you Allowed to give yourself a present?  I usually buy myself something while I’m Christmas shopping, but…for my birthday?!?  Not sure of the etiquette.

I’m not intending to buy myself a present.  Actually the existence of Broken Cookies Don’t Count is a gift I’ve given myself.  It allows me to do something I’ve always wanted to do.  Write.  Be funny.  Tell stories.  I’m enjoying it enormously.

So now for the fun.  I thought I’d share some photos of me through the years.  No, don’t go running from the computer screen…they’re not self-photos,  so they won’t be that scary!

This is possibly my favorite picture of myself, ever.  At least in the baby stage.  The photo isn’t dated.  Our family wasn’t big on dating photos, or on writing on the back who was in the photos.  It drives my sister, Ele and Me crazy.  Ele especially now that she’s working hard on family genealogy.  We go round and round over who is who.  Sadly, most of the people who could tell us who is who are gone now.  We keep trying.

This is my kindergarten photo.  There is a big long story attached to this.  See the look on my face?  See the Stevenson For President button at my neck? (Oh, Lord, that REALLY gives away my age!!!)  It’s a great story and I’ll share it with you sometime.  Or maybe I’ll save it for my book! 😉

This is my high school graduation photo.  No comments about helmet hair, please.  I get to see this every 5 years when I go to my reunions.  They insist on putting these photos on our name tags each time.  They are helpful because some people have changed so much, you couldn’t possibly recognize them!  Sometimes it’s even for the better!!

At our last reunion, Ralph started an uproar (as usual!).  Since his name tag had only his name and our town on it, he drew a picture of himself with the caption “Played hookey on picture day.”  Other “guests” saw it and he began drawing their pictures.  “Driving my convertible on picture day,” “Kidnapped by cheerleaders on picture day.”  When my classmates started seeing them, they requested he “embellish” their photos.  It was great fun.  It’s always fun to have Ralph around.

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of myself.  My college graduation photo.  Yes, that is all real hair.  Yes, it continued out of the photo, because it went all the way to my waist.  I’ve had different lengths of hair throughout the years, but this was probably the longest.  I loved it, but it was NOT easy to take care of.  I couldn’t wash it in the shower, there were several near drowning incidents.  I couldn’t get out from under it when it was wet!!  I had to wash it in the kitchen sink!  I loved it though and if I was brave, I’d grow it back.

There were many years between Then and Now.  Many good years with lots of stories, lots of fun and some sadness, too.  I feel lucky to have had such a good life so far.  I feel certain it will continue in the same way and can only get better.

I’ve shared this photo before.  This is me today with my sweet Ralph on the deck of our home in New Mexico.  That’s where I hope to continue this wonderful adventure. 

Thanks to all of you for joining me as I give this gift to myself.  It’s great to have you along for the ride.  We have nowhere to go but Up!! 

I’m off to enjoy My Day.  Happy Thursday!!  Happy Birthday To Me!!


12 responses to “A Gift To Myself

  1. What a great gift, not only to yourself, but to us as well — thanks for sharing your “long and winding road” — and by the way — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! oxoxo

  2. I absolutely think it’s okay to buy yourself something for your special day. A couple of weeks before my birthday I bought a necklace and a pair of earrings. I decided that I could not wear them until my b-day. (However, iI did not wrap them or send myself a card) I think it’s a new tradition!

    I hope your day is filled with lots of happy moments!

  3. You have chosen my absolute favorite photos of you. Your first one is a picture of the most perfectly beautiful baby in the world! I never realized how much you looked like Grandpop in it. The next is Daddy all over! And I do know the story of the Stevenson button! I feel sorry for all of the people who did not appreciate you in high school. It’s their loss and serves them right! I love you so much that it’s hard to write anything without crying, but since I’m at work I’ll try not to blubber. You are simply…the best! How lucky am I?

    • Ele, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support now and throughout my life. I’m glad you liked the post and the photos. My scanner gave me a fit and I almost couldn’t do it. It finally worked thank goodness. It worked fine last Friday when I did the wedding pictures. Yikes!! Thanks again and Hugs to YOU!!

  4. Happy birthday friend! I love the kg picture. You do NOT look impressed. Ha! And I also love your high school grad photo. You’re beautiful in all of your pictures!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Of course you are allowed to wish yourself Happy Birthday and buy yourself presents, and claim all of Oct. as your birthday month (a day is just too short).

    I have really thick hair and only wash it about 2x a week. I hear it’s better for your hair anyway.

    Happy Birthday again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My niece always used to say she celebrated all of September for her birthday…I think I’ll do that, Marie!! Thick hair is wonderful, but not always easy to handle and I have heard that washing it less is better for it. Wish I had the nerve to grow it in again. Going for a haircut today!

  6. Hope you had an AMAZING birthday!!! 🙂

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