I’m Not Leaving

The other day we were getting in the car to go downtown and I said to Ralph, “I have some bad news for you, dear…I’m not going back to New Jersey.”  He chuckled but that’s really the way I feel right now.  I don’t want to go back and as each day moves me closer to having to pack up and leave, it gets harder.

There are so many fascinating things and such a rich history in Silver City.  There are 3 movie theatres in town left over from the 30’s.  They are actually all for sale.  So if you’re in the market…

This is one of them and unfortunately, I can’t remember what the name of the theatre used to be.  They were all owned by one man.  Last year we met Ward who told us it was his grandfather who had built and owned all three theatres.  I don’t have Ward’s photo, but yesterday Ralph and I got to meet Ward’s sister, Wendy who just moved back into town.

Wendy is an artist and of course, Ralph was showing her some of is techniques for drawing faces.  She was very interested.  It’s amazing how other artists are intrigued by what he does.  I’m very proud of him.  It’s fascinating to meet people who grew up here as well as the people who migrated here.

All of the theatres are still in use as shops of various types.  Ward told us that he tried to get a group together that could finance purchasing and renovating one of the theatres to get it back to its original use.  He wanted it to show movies and be equipped to do live theatre as well.  I think he’s still trying but it takes a lot of money and effort.  The money seems to be the hard thing to come by.  One thing you see a lot of here is people pulling together to get something done.  He would have that help, but there’s not enough money to be found to do it.  So sad.  Maybe that could be a project for me when I get here!

All over town you see art work.

This is a mural in The Hub Plaza.  So colorful and lively.  It’s nice to see things like this just walking down the street.

Last but not least is one of my favorite mural, painted on the side of a building as you enter the historic downtown area.

It’s just there as you walk down the street, and it even has a dragonfly, just for me.  Incredible!  This is a wonderful town, filled with historic significance …supposedly Billy The Kid spent some time here.  There are still plenty of characters around, all you have to do is take a walk!

Tuesday already; we’re leaving Saturday morning.  We have so many things we have to fit in before that.  Maybe that’s why I find myself waking up at 5am!!

Happy Tuesday!!



2 responses to “I’m Not Leaving

  1. It’s wonderful that you found a place you love so much you don’t want to leave. Those theaters look like they have so much history.

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