Will I Ever Tire of This?

Could anyone ever be tired of seeing a sight like this?

Just another morning view from our deck.  It’s just beautiful.  Funny thing is we met one of our neighbors, Fermin on Friday.  The reason he was out in his yard…he was taking a picture of the sky.  He’s lived here for 24 years!  I guess that answers my question!! 😉

I actually slept in on Friday, until about 7am.  Did my work on BCDC, a few things around the house and then it was time to go into town.  When I say that, it’s not as if it’s a long drive.  It’s no more than 5 minutes if that.  That’s really only because of all of the 4 way stop signs.

We stopped at Western Stationers which is a wonderful general store type of place.  It carries all sorts of gift items, there’s a bead shop and a quilt shop in it as well.  Cindy, the lady working there showed us a quilt she just completed.

It had all sorts of cartoon bugs on it…it was adorable!  It’s for her young nephew.

We headed back over to Java The Hut again.  We can’t resist the place.

This is Ralph with Marcia, the lovely proprietor.

She’s the sweetest person and makes you feel like family.  We decided we were hungry.  Ralph planned on having one of Marcia’s “big ole hotdogs” for lunch but since we were a stone’s throw, literally, from Peace Meal…

I walked over there to grab something.  My choice, Greek Feta tofu salad in a pita.

Again, delicious!  It tasted just like feta cheese.  I don’t know how they do it.  I met the owner, Lynno and told her how impressed I was with everything and that I’d already been talking about her on BCDC and I would again.  She was very pleased.

Then, I got my wish, my trip to the Garden of Eden, the Mecca of foodie things… The Silver City Food Co-Op.

The Food Co-Op originated in 1974 and has been going strong ever since.  We had stopped there on our first trip here in the early 90’s and there have been many updates and improvements over the years.

Amazing, fresh, organic veggies…

The bulk bins that I could get lost in…

It’s an amazing place.  I can’t wait to have the opportunity to shop there on a regular basis.  I didn’t want to buy a lot of things, because we’ve only got another week here.  Sad but true. 

After I finished in the Co-Op I found Ralph just coming out of the Army-Navy Store.  We were talking about his purchases there, guy stuff, when we hear a voice say, “That couldn’t be Ralph and Fran, could it?”  We turn to find..

Dana, from Hacienda Realty, the wonderful lady who sold us our house!  We’ve been meaning to stop to see here and every time we drive by her office, I wave and say “hi, Dana!” but we haven’t gotten there yet.  We made a date to meet up with her on Monday evening and we’re really looking forward to it.  That’s the way it is in Silver City, you turn around and there’s a friend.  It maybe someone you know or it could be a new friend.  It’s an amazing place!

Then of course, you could turn around and see this…

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it!!

I have an exciting opportunity this morning.  The Gila River Festival is going on this weekend with lots of activities planned.  One of the activities is a workshop called Writing From Place conducted by Mary Sojourner, a well-known author and commentator for NPR.  I only found out about it on Friday and fortunately for me, space was still available.  I’m so excited.  I’ll tell you all about it.

Happy Saturday!!


8 responses to “Will I Ever Tire of This?

  1. That’s the shade of blue that I love it see in a sky — crisp, clear, and clean — I call it “my breathing sky” — so happy for you both!! — oxoxox

  2. I think you are out there for real, just not all the time… I know how you feel about being out there in New Mexico. I know I sure miss it… Have a great time, take it all in…… Jean

  3. happy Saturday, indeed!! What a beautiful place. Glad you were able to sleep in until 7:00. I, on the other hand, got up early……. about 9:00 🙂

  4. That really is a lovely view. And what a great store! So many fresh fruit and veggies!

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