And The Days Go On Forever

Thursday again seemed like a long day but passed quickly…such an odd thing.  Up early to do my posting, then getting ready to greet the day.

We had breakfast home again,  I did a yogurt, Fiber One and fruit combo because I keep forgetting to make overnight oats…Duh!!

After doing a few things around the house we went in search of lunch with no real destination in mind.  We found ourselves somewhere that will definitely be a destination from now on.  The Asian Buffet.

In checking for a link, I found a very unflattering review on Urbanspoon.  I don’t agree.  I’m not usually thrilled with buffets because as a vegetarian, there are usually slim pickins.  As I was “touring” the buffet, our server came by and I told her I was vegetarian.  She kindly pointed out the choices I could have and when she realized there was not much of the veggie delight left, she went to the kitchen to request that more be made.

My first happy choice, vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup…it doesn’t often come vegetarian.

No question about it being “hot” and it was loaded with tofu.  Really good.

Ralph insisted I take a photo of his plate.  I think he’s really getting into this blogging thing… 😉

No clue what was on his plate, but he especially enjoyed that thingy in the middle!

My plate…

I had veggies over rice, tempura veggies and vegetable Mei Fun which I never had before.  I thought it was all quite tasty.  Then I met this fellow…

Sriracca sauce!  I keep hearing other bloggers talk about it but I’ve never tried it. I thought it was pretty much like other hot sauces but not so.  I tried a little on my left over rice.

After my first taste, I spattered the entire plate with it and contemplated getting more rice so I could have some more!  Regular hot sauce always has a particular tang to the flavor that I don’t especially like.  This is spicy without being too hot and really delicious.  This is on my shopping list when I get back to New Jersey!

Lunch ended with fruit plate…I’m trying to be good even though it may not look it!! 😉

A parting photo of the Asian Buffet.  Please note the huge and I do mean HUGE raven sitting on the sign…

When we got home we had an unexpected visit from our good friend and neighbor Fred, who likes to be called Chico.  Later we had a visit from Chico’s son-in-law Jason who was going to check our water heater for us.  Turns out that Ralph had been able to get it working but we had a nice visit with him anyway.  He stayed longer than he might have because there was a huge thunderstorm just after he got here.

It doesn’t translate well in the photo, but it was just amazing to see with the mountains as the backdrop.

Dinner made me feel back on track. 

Spring mix, tomato, red bell pepper, black beans I cooked up earlier in the week, light balsamic vinaigrette and basil fresh from my friend, Tonja’s garden.  That was a treat for sure and made it really delicious!

I miss my Big Purple Bowl, but it was delicious none the less. 

I’ll leave you with a beautiful flower photo also from Tonja’s yard.

Her home is a true wonderland filled with flowers, artifacts and critters.  It’s worthy of its own post which I may do before we leave.

Well, it’s Friday.  Our time here is moving TOO fast.  Speaking of wonderlands, I think I may finally make it to the Co-Op today.  I can’t wait!

Happy Friday from the Land of Enchantment! 



6 responses to “And The Days Go On Forever

  1. Hey Fran and Ralph … we are watching your blog and enjoying your trip almost as much as you !!! LOL Told Ralph that the family birthday dinner will be lunch on Oct. 20th in your honor and at 1:00 PM at the Adelphia !!! Love you guys !! Gave Kathy your blog address so she could keep up !!! LOL

  2. Sriracca sauce! I love it! I use in in soup (vietnamese pho especially). Combined with fresh basil and lime juice, there is nothing like it!

  3. Love how Ralph is taking pics of his food. Since starting my blog & taking more pictures my kids ask “is this for the blog?”. They love when a post is about them.

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