Time Flies And Then Sometimes, It Doesn’t

There’s a strange phenomenon that Ralph and I seem to experience every time we come to New Mexico.  It has been especially pronounced now that we are in our own home when we come here. The days seem to go on forever each day at a time, but then it seems to fly by when we look at when we have to start our trip back home.

We agree that one of the reasons is because of how the house is laid out and where it is.  We’re along a ridgeline of hills that look out over the town.  We get the first glimpse of sunlight in the morning and when it’s time for sunset, it seems to go on for hours.  Here’s yesterday’s sunrise…

Beautiful and it changes every few minutes, I can’t possibly take enough photos!

To help with keeping track with what we do each day, last year I started keeping a little journal of what we do.  I’m behind already and that’s one of my projects today, to catch it up.

Tuesday we headed downtown with the intention of going to the Co-Op which is a wonderful market.  I hope to get there today…when I get there I can hardly contain myself because of all the bulk foods.   I tell all about it when I get there!

We didn’t make it to the Co-Op but did get to one of my favorite places Peace Meal Cooperative, a vegetarian deli.  I love this place and Ralph even enjoys their food, not bad for a meatasaurus!!

Ralph ordered the Happy Tuna on whole wheat bread.

Heather who works there explained it was a combo of seaweed products combined with a vegan mayo.  It really does taste like tuna!

I had ordered the half sandwich and soup combo and picked the special which was green chile hummus in a pita. She accidentally made Happy Tuna and ended up giving me both, no extra charge along with my gazpacho.

The Happy Tuna was good, the green chile hummus was yummus and the gazpacho was delicious, just the right spiciness and the veggies were crunchy, just the way I like gazpacho. 

Ralph had a root beer and I had a tasty ginger ale.

Ralph bought me a little treat for later…

A bag of Just Cranberries!  I’ve heard about these on other blogs but had never seen them for sale anywhere.  The lady at Peace Meal said they tasted like cranberry flavored pop corn.  I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll give you all a full report!

Peace Meal is located in a small downtown plaza called The Hub.

Also located in The Hub is one of our favorite places…Java The Hut.

It’s a great place to sit for a while and you’re sure to meet all of the characters in town there.  On top of that, the coffee is delicious!  A very smooth blend, strong but not bitter.  We got to meet Marcia the owner for the first time.   When we were here last year, she was out due to an injury but she’s back now and she’s delightful! There’s a Saturday morning coffee group that meets at Java and I’ll have photos then.

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos.  While I was working on this post we noticed there was a double rainbow!  Unfortunately it didn’t translate to the photo very well, but here goes…

My other photo is a cool rock fountain in the middle of The Hub…

We’re both up and having breakfast.  Not sure what we’ll be up to today, but I’ll keep you all updated.  Had a comment asking for house photos.  I’ll get to them, I promise!! 

Today is my niece, Mary’s birthday.  We lost her 4 years ago and we miss her everyday.  Happy Birthday, to my little Squiggle.




6 responses to “Time Flies And Then Sometimes, It Doesn’t

  1. New Mexico looks beautiful! I have never been but hope to get there someday. The rainbow is stunning.

    I’m really sorry to hear about Mary…Happy Birthday to her. And my thoughts are with you and your family.

    • Ameena, thank you so much that’s so sweet of you. It’s hard every year and it’s especially hard because I’m in NM and my sister is in NJ. Mary was her daughter. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Yes, NM is beautiful. We’re having crazy weather so there might be another rainbow, if we’re lucky!!

  2. I love when waitress’ make mistakes like that. Free Food! I was a waitress for 7 years and loved it, the fast pace suited me well. So are you in New Mexico for good? Looks beautiful.

  3. New Mexico looks fascinating! I drove through once, but I didn’t really get the chance to experience much. It seems very veggie-friendly!

    I’m so sorry that you lost your niece. That breaks my heart.

    • Thanks, Steph. She was a wonderful girl and my only niece. Since I don’t have any children, I felt like she was my daughter, too. We have many wonderful memories of her, though.

      New Mexico is wonderful. There’s another semi-veggie restaurant and grocery store that I haven’t gotten to yet and the Co-OP which is just amazing…wait till I post those photos!

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