Enchanted Days

After posting yesterday, I got to work cleaning up the Enchantment or dust that settles all over the house while we’re away.  It can be very windy on the hill and the dust, which is almost like a fine brown sand gets into the house no matter how tight it is.  According to our friends out here, it happens to everybody.

My kitchen counter tops are white, so that actually helps because I can see where it is.  It took me about an hour to clean up the kitchen and both bathrooms.  I’ll talk more about the house itself and post some pictures as we settle in.  It’s a wonderful house with lots of storage and lots of open space.  I joked with Ralph yesterday that I’ll increase my exercise just by walking around the house. 

 I can use that exercise too.  Although I did try to be careful on the trip out, being out of my routine and eating what’s available makes it hard.  There is a Weight Watchers meeting here in Silver City on Wednesday night, so I’m going to attend it.  I know my weight will have to be different because of weighing at night as opposed to morning.  But at least I’ll know where I stand and I can go on from there.

For our first morning here, we decided to have breakfast out.  We went to one of our favorite breakfast places here, The Drifter.

Ready and waiting for breakfast!

A green chile omelette with cheddar cheese.  I didn’t eat the hash browns, but I did eat the biscuit!

With apple cinnamon jelly…you don’t find that often…yum…

Most of the rest of the day involved grocery shopping to stock up on food for our stay.  Tried to make good choices.  I bought a bag of black beans and set them to soaking.  Bought some salad things also so that I can get back on track.  We then came back to the house and got the rest of our things from the car, unpacked and settled in.

For dinner, we had gotten a pre-roasted chicken for Ralph which he enjoyed.  I got myself a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer dinner-Grilled Vegetables Mediterranean.  I forgot to take a photo, but here’s one of the package!

It was tasty, but truthfully there wasn’t a lot of it and I could have gotten more out of the Points if I’d made it myself. 

Anyway, I’ve got a busy day ahead and I have to get my beans off of the stove because they’ve made a mess.  I miss my crock pot!! 😦 

I’ll leave you with a beautiful shot of the moon coming up  last night.

Time to see what the day will hold…

Happy Tuesday!!


10 responses to “Enchanted Days

  1. Those little frozen meals are more like appetizers! I’m still starving after eating one of those…

  2. I love the way you paint pictures with your words — so cool! — sounds like you guys are enjoying your little piece of heaven — 🙂

  3. Wish I was there…

  4. I have granite that looks like sandpaper so my counters could be totally dirty and I wouldn’t even know it. Sometimes a good thing. I always have to look at them sideways to see if they’re clean.

  5. any nice “drift” for our birds?

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