Waking In the Land Of Enchantment

Sunday was a very long and emotional day for Ralph and Me.  We always have such a wonderful time at the Americal Reunions, but they can be sad too. We only get to see these wonderful people once a year and we never know who will be there and who will not. 

Sadly, a group whose numbers are dwindling are our World War II veterans.  I was working on the registration desk on Thursday and caught this wonderful photo.

Two of our WW II vets meeting for the first time. The gentleman on the right just turned 90 and wore a series of different uniforms throughout the reunion.  Sadly, it was his first reunion.  Hopefully it won’t be his last.  It’s so wonderful to meet all of these great people.

We were trying for an early departure, but as I was taking some things out to the car, we saw some of our friends and got drawn into having breakfast with everyone just one more time.  I was trying to get back on track from all the eating I’ve been doing.

A toasted poppy-seed bagel with cream cheese and orange marmalade.  I didn’t want a big breakfast and this was just what I needed. It held me through the day until about 2pm.  Yum…

We finally got on the road at 11:30am and boy were we happy travelers.  We had heard varying comments on how long it would take us to go from Colorado Springs to Silver City.  Some said 8 hours, some said 10 hours.

Some road shots for you!

Love the cute tourist in that last one! 😉

Not sure how that last photo got so big.  Can’t seem to fix it.  Ah, the joys of technology!! 

We really didn’t want to spend another night on the road so we only made 2 stops on the way and even ate our lunch while driving.  We finally made it to Silver City at about 8:30pm which put the travel time at about 9 hours.  We were tired, but so very happy to be here!!

Now it’s Monday morning.  Everything in the house is covered in dust which I’m told is one price you pay for living here, so I have my work cut out for me.  I have a friend who tells me that it’s not dust…it’s “Enchantment.”  I like that idea. 

I’ll close with my first sunrise from our front window.  The sunrises and sunsets here are amazing, so prepare to be amazed frequently during this trip.

Happy Enchanted Monday!!


4 responses to “Waking In the Land Of Enchantment

  1. I love that photo of the two WWII vets meeting for the first time! That’s really special. Do you have their contact information? I’m sure they’d love to have a copy…

  2. House pictures! house pictures! house pictures!

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