Food, Puppies And A Sneaker Backstory

Friday morning, we were up very early… for us.  We were ready and heading down to breakfast at 7:30.  We knew that a lot of our friends would be heading out on a tour that we had decided not to take, so we expected to eat alone.  We found 4 of our friends just sitting down and they had 2 extra seats that we were happy to fill.

I was not about to have another breakfast bowl like yesterday.  It was delicious but just too much.  I made what I considered a better choice.

I got an omelette with Portobello mushrooms, green chiles and pepper jack cheese accompanied as usual with sliced tomatoes.  It was a delicious combination and just the right amount.  I can’t remember if I mentioned that they have excellent coffee here.  I am excited!!

After breakfast, we hung around the lobby talking to some of our friends while they waited for their tour bus.  Then we went to the hospitality suite for the Americal Division.  There weren’t many people there but we chatted for a good long while with some of the guys that Ralph served with.

As always happens, when they start telling their war stories, time goes by without us realizing it.   Soon it was time for lunch.  As I’ve said, I’m so lucky with all the choices they have here.  I had noticed that they had quesadillas listed as an appetizer. I was not seriously hungry so I figured that would be sufficient for me. 

It was Huge!  I ordered veggies with pepper jack cheese.  Oh, my was it tasty.  I wish I knew what kinds of spices the put in with the veggies, they were excellent and there are few things that can’t be improved by pepper jack cheese!  Served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole.  The guacamole was tasty.  Definitely something I would order again.

In the afternoon, we went to a slide presentation that our friend, Al did.  Earlier this year he spent 4 months touring Vietnam on motorcycle.  He had given me a preview earlier today, but the slide presentation went very well.  He and a group of Americal Vets raised money to help make very needed improvements on a small school there.  Very impressive.

Also impressive was a tee-shirt that he had made there.  This emblem is hand painted.

Unfortunately, my camera does not do the colors justice.  It’s just beautiful!

Ralph and I headed back to the room around 4pm.  He’s resting now.  I thought I’d explain a little of what inspired me to share my sneaker saga yesterday.  I had mentioned that our friend, Robin’s luggage had been lost and I lent her my sneakers for their trip to Pike’s Peak.  I kept thinking about my sneakers going to Pike’s Peak without me 😦 and I decided that the sneakers I still had should have an adventure too.

These are the sneakers that started it all…

They’re safely back in my possession and although they haven’t told me their story yet, I hear they had a great time!  Anyway, Sneaking Around seemed to be pretty popular so it may become a regular feature.

And just so that you all know that the Human Randomizer still lives, here is a drawing that Ralph made for me.  I love a good random thought!

I think it’s so cute and if you look closely, you may see my sneakers!!  😉

Happy Saturday!!


8 responses to “Food, Puppies And A Sneaker Backstory

  1. you are too funny! I do believe that those sneakers may be the best $4.00 we’ve ever spent!

  2. Ralph is such an artist. Those are some well traveled sneakers. My friend borrowed mine when she was visiting me last year. Too bad she wears a size bigger than me and had to spend the rest of the trip with sore heels.

  3. Hey Fran, It seems like you’re having a great time. The quesadilla lunch looked great. We’ll have to try it when you get home.
    Alice and I were watching the Phillies until she got tired and went home. I brought the laptop in the living and caught up with your blog. I enjoyed reliving the Florida trip. Say hi, to “sweetie” for me. G

  4. Thanks Fran for lending me your shoes! I wore them all the way to the top of Pike’s Peak – 14,110 feet! Luckily, me and the sneaks didn’t have to hoof it all that way, but we did take the Cog Railroad. It was great to finally meet you and you, Ralph and the rest of the Americal Gang are always a bunch of fun. Hopefully, we’ll see you again next year in Atlanta! Enjoy your vacation!

    • Thanks, Robin!! Glad you found BCDC. Hope you like it!! I love doing this and try to have fun with it. SO glad to finally meet you and to meet Joe, too. He’s a cutie! Ralph and I love your Mom and Dad and I knew you would be just as wonderful. Stay in touch!!

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