How to Have Fun While Waiting To Have Fun

Ralph and I got all settled into our room and ready to have fun!  We needed a little time to unwind.  Ralph had a cigar and then took a nap.  What did I do??

I worked on BCDC and catching up on some blog reading!  How did we make such a mess in such a short time?? 😦  Yikes!!

When I was finished on the computer I realized it was 7pm…or was it?  I woke Ralph up saying that we needed to get down to the lobby to see who else had arrived.  Then I realized my watch was still on New Jersey time…it was only 5pm!!  We got ourselves together anyway and headed down to find our friends.

We checked in at registration and then found our friends Dale and Patti.  We decided to stop in the lobby bar, Rick’s for a drink and for Ralph and Me, something to eat.

I had a gin and tonic while I figured out the menu.  I wanted a mojito but they didn’t have any mint. 😦

Patti and Dale.  Ralph served with Dale in Vietnam.  Patti is a crazy lady and I love her!

They made me feel very much at home in Rick’s…

They were showing the Phillies game and We Won!!  Someone held up a sign that said “Stick a fork in the Braves, they’re done!”  Gotta love the Phillies fans!

I was impressed with the choices I could have had from the bar menu.  There were 5 different salad choices and one of the add-ons could have been tofu!  I was so excited!  I chose the Mediterranean Salad.

Romaine, tomatoes, kalamata olives, croutons and feta.  Topped with a yummy tomato basil dressing that was fat-free.  Sure would like to know where they got that or if they made it.  May have to go back and nag them for the recipe! 😉  The good thing is that this menu is used in the restaurant also, which gives me more salads to try out!

Patti and Dale had to go to the airport to pick up their daughter who was flying in. We met up with them again when they got back.   They have a big trip to Pike’s Peak planned for today and the airline lost the bag with Robin’s shoes, all she had were sandals.  I asked what size she wore and lucky for her she’s a size 9.  I went to our room and brought back my big sturdy sneakers.  She was very grateful.  It made me feel good to help her out.

Time to get dressed and go in search of breakfast.  Hotel room coffee only takes care of me for so long.  I may be working the registration desk for a while today also.  That’s fun because you get to see everybody as they come in.

And it’s sunny out so I’ll get to see my mountains today!! 🙂

Happy Thursday!!


4 responses to “How to Have Fun While Waiting To Have Fun

  1. I am like you, I love salad and eat it every day. I am so glad when salads are on a menu. With different toppings they can be so filling. Glad you get to spend time with your friends.

  2. My husband has a habit of throwing his stuff everywhere 5 minutes after we land in a new hotel room. Your place looks tidy compared to what ours usually looks like!

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