Rocky Mountain Hi!

We got up early to get packed up and head out of Limon, Colorado for our relatively short ride to Colorado Springs.  We had a quick complimentary breakfast at our motel.  Haven’t eaten Cheerios in years!  Pretty good, actually.

Our drive was dry but it surely looked like there would be rain.  Very overcast and dreary.  The landscape was very interesting.  Lots of hills and small ranches along the way.  I love driving through areas like that.  I love seeing the cows and horses.  I guess I’m supposed to call them steers, but then I also have to think about those “Beef, it’s what for dinner” signs I saw during the ride, and I don’t want to get into that discussion right now.

We got into Colorado Springs at about noon local time and found a great place for lunch,  Conway’s Red Top.  It’s not much of a place to look at but the service is pleasant and friendly.  When the sign says “Big Burgers” you might think a vegetarian would have a hard time, but I could have had at least two choices.  They do have a veggie burger but both Ralph and I went for the country salad which is like a chef’s salad.  I asked for all cheese instead of meat and that’s how it came.  Many times when you do that, you get shorted on the cheese, but not in this case.

It was really tasty.  Ralph ordered apple pie, which he forced me to taste  😉  and it  was delicious!  We got directions, too, because the ones we’d gotten from a friend of ours didn’t work.  I was the note taker so it could have been my fault.  Ah well, we got new directions and were on our way.

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to check in so early, it was about 1pm by then.  But luckily for us, we were.

Photo of a tourist in front of our hotel, the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Springs.  Our room is lovely and comfortable.  There’s a little patio outside where we can sit if we like.  It’s quite cool here also, only high sixties so I think I may have packed right for this trip.  For a change.  Time will tell.

Ralph is taking a nap.  I’m working here and watching NCIS.  Love the fact that cable TV is pretty much the same anywhere you go.  Makes you feel at home when you’re far away.

None of our friends are here yet as far as we know.  We’ll probably grab a quick something for dinner in a while and then get a good night’s sleep so that we can be raring to go for all of the fun starting tomorrow.

Oh, and I Did get to see some mountains today, although it was pretty overcast and I didn’t see too much.  Hopefully tomorrow will be clearer and I can get some photos.

Let the fun begin…Happy Tuesday!



4 responses to “Rocky Mountain Hi!

  1. I have always wanted to go to Colorado 🙂

  2. You’ve arrived!! Wahoo!! Hope it’s a great time…

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