State of Mind…What State Am I In??

Monday we traveled though Illinois and Missouri.  We were hoping to stop to see our friends Valerie and Mark who live in Kansas City, but we overshot the city. (Note to self, when Ralph says pull over to find a motel, do it!)

We were across the border in Kansas when we could find a place.  We called Val but she had unexpected house guests for the night so we weren’t able to meet up.  Maybe on the way back although we’re not sure if we’ll be coming back by that route.

But to backtrack, we tried to find lunch on Monday afternoon and there was not much available in the area where we were.  We stopped at MacDonald’s and I thought I’d be stuck with just a yogurt parfait for lunch.  However, I made a new discovery.  MacDonald’s has a Southwest salad that is supposed to have chicken, I asked for it without and with southwest dressing.

It had lettuce, corn, black beans and some things I couldn’t identify, but it was very tasty.  It’s good to know I have a good option at a restaurant that is popular on the highway.

We passed through St. Louis,  notice the Arch…

Tuesday morning we headed out and soon we were hungry so we stopped at Cracker Barrel.  I sometimes have a hard time getting things to eat there.  I decided I would be safest with just an omelette, got a Western with no ham.  Ralph got one with the ham.  I can’t believe that the cook made no effort to indicate which was which and we had to poke around at the omelettes to figure it out which was frustrating.

The breakfast came with grits which I had never tried before.  I had also asked for apple butter for my toast.  I tried eating the grits with apple butter and it was pretty good.  As I said to the waitress when she asked what I thought, there are few things that can’t be improved by adding apple butter!

My favorite road snack, Twizzlers and my current book, Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich.  I finished Love In The Time of Cholera.  I’ll give a report when I’m not so tired and can make sense of what I want to say. 

Tuesday night we made it to Limon, Colorado.  We’re about 75 miles from our first destination, Colorado Springs.  Ralph and I were just too tired to go any further.  We got a room at a nice Super 8 and went looking for dinner.  There was a TA truck stop across the highway with one of the Country Pride restaurants.  I like them and they usually have a good salad bar.

With fresh fruit!

We got coffee to go and now we’re just trying to wind down from the long drive.  I’ll leave you with a photo of some huge wind turbines that we saw as we drove (and drove and drove) through Kansas.

They are very cool to see.  During the long drive through Kansas, we saw the big blades being transported on tractor trailers.  They were huge and one takes up an entire trailer.  Just amazing.

I’m hoping to see some mountains tomorrow as we get further into Colorado.  I’ve seen enough flat land now.  😉

Happy Late Tuesday!!  On the Road Again!



6 responses to “State of Mind…What State Am I In??

  1. Hi — sounds like you guys are making great time in your travels — I now have a GPS that I use constantly — I got a little tired of Leo saying “turn here” when we all know that “turn here” is not a direction. I kept asking, “left or right??” – LOL!
    Anyway, have fun, stay safe — xoxox

  2. The last school that I taught at had a huge wind turbine visible from the yard. I always loved looking at it! Those things are oddly graceful.

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you are having a GREAT trip…keep enjoying it 🙂

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