September Days

September 1st!  I’m excited because I love the Fall!  My favorite time of year.  I’d really rather decorate and celebrate for Fall and the Harvest than I would for Christmas.  I love Christmas and all that it represents, but it’s gotten so out of hand that I don’t even enjoy it anymore.  Give me Fall anytime, and please be careful I don’t step on you getting down from my soapbox… 😉

I don’t often get on rants, and I will try not to on BCDC, but sometimes…

Anyway!  Wednesday, I successfully transferred all of the transferred stuff from the storage unit, which had landed in Ele’s dining room, upstairs to its semi-permanent home.  You following this here, Cookies?!?  It was not as big a job as I thought and I was finished in about 20 minutes.  So excited…I sent Ele a text that said “The Deed is Done!”  She was happy.  I couldn’t leave it there since she’s having company this weekend.  That would NOT be fair to her.

My next project was to work on thinning out my suitcases for the trip.  I’m not usually like this and I did a great job of packing light on my last trip to Florida.  I’m having a tough time for this trip.

This is what I’m working with so far.  Now, in my defense, we will be gone for nearly a month.  However, once we get to New Mexico, about 9 days into the trip, I’ll be able to do laundry at our house.  I took some things out, then found more things to put back in.  I’m driving myself crazy!

Mid craziness, my Sweet Ralph brought me lunch.

A prepared salad from a local convenience store which I dolled up with lots of ground black pepper, black beans (Love!) and some reduced cal Ranch.  Tasty and just what I needed, although I think I need to teach them the art of salad making!! 😉

After a few loads of laundry…I can’t believe I’m still washing and that those clothes need to get packed…Yikes!!  Anyway, it was time for dinner.  Ralph had leftovers from our visit to Pat’s Pizza on Tuesday so…you guessed it…Salad for me in the Big Purple Bowl!

Leftover couscous and black beans with ground black pepper, garlic powder and dried basil microwaved for about a minute.  Last tomato, last bell pepper (which started out green and is now Red!!) and some of my lovely spring mix.

Very tasty!  Along with some saltines, it kept me filled for the night.  I did do some prowling around looking for a snack, but since there wasn’t anything snackish around, I was safe.  I’m glad I’ve been able to use up most of the fresh things I have in order to not waste anything.  Just some black beans and spring mix left.  Guess Ralph will have to feed me tomorrow!

Today is a pre-trip hair cut.  I need it because by the time we get back, I will look like a Wild Child if I don’t.  Maybe I should have gone looking for a hair stylist while we’re in NM, but I didn’t think of that!  Lots of errands today, too.  I need to pick up some of our traditional travel snacks.  Wait and see!

Happy Thursday! Happy September!  Happy 2 days To Go!!


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