The Best Laid Plans…The Slug Still Lives

I had lots of things I wanted to work on Sunday, but that never seemed to happen.  I’m just going through a stage.  The Slug Still Lives.

My sister, Ele texted me early to ask if I wanted to have a K-Mart adventure with her.  I figured, why not.  I could already tell I wasn’t motivated to do what I had planned to do.

I picked her up after she finished church and we were off to K-Mart.  There were sneakers on sale and she wanted to take advantage.  Not only were sneakers on sale, they were having a buy one get one 50% off even on clearance items.  I was in love!

Ele didn’t want a second pair and said if I found something I wanted, I could be her second pair…well, my sneakers could be her second pair!!

What do you think?!?  Red, white and black plaid sneakers with double laces, so cool.  Why am I obsessed lately with odd sneakers?  The best thing is…they were on sale for $7.99 so with 50% off…they were $4.00!!  I’m so excited!  They’ll actually be perfect for our trip.  I’ll fit right in when we get to Silver City!  The hippies will Love me!!

We decided we’d stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a treat.  (Where’s my boyfriend, Captain America…:-(  )Mine was a small iced coffee which I was happy about.  Staying on track is my life’s work!

Now, Ms. Ele…

Caught in the act with her caramel machhiato with the whipped cream!!  She has her nerve dipping the ole finger in there!  Lucky for me I don’t like whipped cream so I wasn’t tempted.  We chatted for a while and it was fun!  Regular readers will realize that we always sit at the same table.  We have our rules.  There were people there when we came in, but we dawdled and they left!

I started reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen: Book Cover

Many times, I’m reluctant to read a book that has so much acclaim.  I tend to drag my feet about it.  The reason is, I’ve been so disappointed in the past by books that have been “must reads.”  I’m happy to say that so far this is good.  Well written, descriptive, not too wordy and the story is moving along quickly.  The best part is, this is one of the books I bought while I was in Clearwater on the Great Thrift Store Tour.  My price…49 cents!!!  It’s in good condition (which doesn’t always happen at thrift stores) so I’m excited.  It kept me peddling away on my stationary bike this morning! 😉

Dinner was catch as catch can and will look familiar to you except for one addition.

I got this wonderful artisan lettuce at Aldi’s for only $1.99!  I was so shocked when I found it.  Ralph had paid almost $8.00 for a container like this earlier in the summer. 

It was a colorful and tasty addition to my salad.

A Jersey tomato, red bell pepper and the last of my romaine.  Also added were a cup of my pinto beans (almost gone) and the last of my quinoa. 😦

Yummy salad with a trick I learned last Saturday…how to change my camera setting to do close-ups.  I think I like it!

Ralph and I are off on an adventure today to find an office where he has an appointment later in the week.  I’ve been told there will be breakfast involved at a rather famous Philadelphia food spot.  I’ve got my camera and I can do close-ups now!  I think it will be fun.

Happy Monday!!


6 responses to “The Best Laid Plans…The Slug Still Lives

  1. valerie andruss

    love those sneakers!!

  2. That’s a fantastic book! You won’t be disappointed, i promise. Fun sneakers!

  3. sorry to miss the dunkin donuts trip! we’ll have to have one when i’m back from vacation.

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