Saturday Slug

I had all sorts of plans for constructive things I needed to do on Saturday.  My most constructive thing, I suppose was making it to Weight Watchers on time and losing three-quarters of a pound!

I think we all go through phases like that and I have certainly been in one for the last few days.  I’ve got to get my head wrapped around all the things I need to accomplish.  Sunday will be the day I get myself back on track.  No Excuses!!

Ralph and I got hungry around 1pm and we decided close and easy were our words for lunch.  We drove (we should have walked, it’s only 2 blocks away!!) to Picasso’s Pizza.  I realize as I write BCDC, that I tend to be a very boring eater.  I very often eat the same things at the same places, but I’m so happy when I go somewhere and there’s something that I can eat (vegetarian), can count (Weight Watchers) and like!!

My favorite at Picasso’s is their pepper and egg sandwich.

With American cheese added…it’s just the Best!  I always burn my mouth because I can’t wait!  😉  Ralph had a sausage, pepper and onion sandwich and he thought it was great.  We have both decided that one of the reasons their sandwiches are so good is because of the rolls.  Not sure where they get them, but they are always fresh and delicious.  Definitely worth the trip…yeah…the 2 block trip.  But even if it’s only 2 blocks, if it’s not good it’s not good.  This is great!

As we walked to the car, Ralph said the 3 words that always win my heart…no, not I Love You…Ice Cream Kids!!

I was disappointed when it came time to order…there was no butter almond left and then I found out that Ralph might have been the culprit.  The young man behind the counter was great.  He said, “oh, no…I think I served someone the last of it yesterday.”  Almost with a wink to Ralph.  The kids who work there are just the best!

My combo of coffee and rum raisin…very yummy…

MY Ice Cream Kid!!  He’s too funny.

We came home and just slugged away the day.  I slugged away at the book I’m reading and the Phillies slugged away at the Nationals.  I still can’t believe after all these years, Gail has turned me into a Phillies fan.  It’s fun and I’m enjoying it!

One last photo of a chubby bunny who greeted us in the yard when we came home.

I tried to wait for him/her to turn around so I could get a better photo, but he/she would not.  We love all of the cool critters: squirrels, chipmunks, birds (including a hawk!) that like to live in our yard.  Wonder what kinds of critters, I’ll find in New Mexico?  We’ll see!

Off to attempt to have a productive day.

Happy Sunday!! 🙂


10 responses to “Saturday Slug

  1. Fran, you are the perfect person for blogging! I enjoy reading all of them. Keep up the awesome work! Xoxo

    • Kimmi!!! Thanks so much for making a comment! Sometimes I think I’m just out here twisting in the wind!! I’m SO glad you like it and I’m am just enjoying it so much!! We have to get together real soon!! I miss you…Hugs!!

  2. I’m also a creature of habit when it comes to my favourite restaurants. I always order the same thing. Once in a while I branch out and order something different, but then I often end up disappointed. I think it’s ok to eat the same stuff over and over again…so long as it’s good stuff! That’s the main reason I’m not a food blogger. Because – for the most part – I eat pretty much the same thing every single day.

  3. portabello mushroom ravioli at Olive Garden…perfection!

  4. I am a “can’t wait to eat so I’ll just burn my mouth so I can eat right this second” kind of girl too. Why can’t we learn a little patience? And when my husband offers to take me to my favorite yogurt place it makes me swoon. I don’t drink coffee but I love coffee ice cream/yogurt….. go figure.

    • One of the things I love about blogging is seeing that there are a lot of people out there who have the same “bad” habits as me! Patience is not my virtue. I always say that if you believe in reincarnation and the fact that we come back to work on the things about us that need work…patience is what I’m working on in this life…I may get left back, because I’m having a hard time with this lesson!!

  5. Just wanted to stop and say hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

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